Fill the gas tank cleaning additive, do it before filling, and then fill full tank and go. Bottle 0.3 l is enough for about 70 liters of fuel. However, such a fluid can play with the machine a bad joke. Its active ingredients dissolve dirt, not only on the injectors, but the fuel tank and the fuel line. For this reason, the dirt begins to circulate around the fuel system, leading to contamination of the filter.
Clean the injector, without removing it from the engine. Buy special installation and flushing fluid that connect to the injectorNoah "ruler" of the motor, excluding the gas tank, fuel pump and filter. Start the engine and leave it for 30-40 minutes. The mixture of petrol and washing liquid which is under pressure of 3-6 atmospheres, will do the trick. This method of cleaning will restore normal operation of the injector.
How to clean <strong>injector</strong>
The best results are obtained by cleaning on a special stand. Place the disassembled injector on a stand that simulates the operation of the engine. Instead, the fuel is passed wash liquid. Achieve cavitation – formation of air bubbles in the liquid. Thanks to her, is the destruction of accumulated dirt and cleaning. Individual cleaning on the injectors on a special stand gives the maximum effect.
How to clean <strong>injector</strong>