The operating conditions of cars in Russia doing periodic flushing of the injector absolutely necessary. First, because the conditions of production of 92 octane and the 95 octane gasoline is poor. Not to mention the production of ' 98. Second, store all brands of gasoline in the same tank. Over time, they accumulate tar deposits. High-octane grades of gasoline dissolve them, and filling the oil goes into the tanks of cars clogging the fuel system. Thirdly, the use of additives that increase the octane number of gasoline in our country is very large.

Therefore, on vehicles with injector feed system the fuel rail, injectors, and other injection systems require preventive cleaning approximately every 20-30 thousand kilometers. If the total mileage of a small car, apply the liquid treatment. On models with large ranges in cases where the power system was subjected to cleaning for a long time (or not exposed at all) accumulate stubborn deposits that are inaccessible to chemical sanitization. In this case, the applied ultrasonic cleaning of the fuel injection system.

Signs informing about necessity of electronic CIG are:
- unstable operation at idle;
- difficulties when starting the motor;
- appearing failures at the sharp pressing the accelerator pedal;
- reduced acceleration of the dynamics and performance indicators;
- the gaps in the cylinders of the engine;
- frequent cases of detonation;
- popping in the muffler;
periodic failures of spark plugs, oxygen sensor (lambda probe) and a catalyst;
- reduction of fuel economy;
- increased exhaust emissions (co-SN).

With the onset of winter operating period of these features are enhanced and are particularly noticeable. This is due to the natural deterioration and evaporation of the fuel, resulting labored engine start-up.

After the procedure of flushing of the injector need to change the spark plugs. Also very useful replace engine oil and oil filter, as there is a likelihood of the washing fluid in the lubrication system.