You will need
  • - multimeter;
  • - the voltmeter;
  • - ohmmeter;
  • - the probe.
The test sensor throttle position produce at the closed position of the damper. Observe the correct sequence of actions. Switch off the ignition. Install the damper position to the closed position (do not press the accelerator pedal).
Disconnect the connector of the sensor. Check the conductivity between the left two terminals of the sensor. If conductivity is absent, the sensor must be configured and adjusted.
Take a feeler gauge with a thickness of 0.4 mm between the lock lever and the lock screw of the throttle. With a multimeter (ohmmeter) check that the resistance between the aforesaid above the contacts was equal to infinity. Otherwise, we can conclude about the possible malfunction of the sensor. Before you change the throttle position sensor, try to set it up and adjust.
Sensor adjustment make also with the throttle closed and the ignition is off. Do not press the accelerator. Disconnect the connector position sensor throttle. Loosen the screws on the sensor without removing them completely.
Rotate the sensor until then while between the extreme left terminals of the device will not match the table to the value specified in the technical documentation. After reducing the parameters to tighten the screws on the sensor, hold the tool so that when tightening the screws he had not changed his position.
If you are not confident in their abilities or do not possess the necessary skills, leave the sensor setting the throttle position to a specialist workshop. Installation and configuration of the sensor is carried out initially at the factory, so that in the ideal embodiment, the sensor needs to re-tune only by trained professionals, of course, if you expect to ensure a high quality of adjustment. Incorrect setting detrimental to the efficiency of the engine.