Spend quality time flushing the injector, because, as they say, better safe than to eliminate the consequences of incorrect operation of the injector. This operation takes about an hour (sometimes two hours). Its the best timing to replace candles, because after bathing the injector need to change the spark to a new one.
Remember that there are two ways of washing: chemical and ultrasonic. During ultrasonic washing only cleaned the injectors which, by the way, for this operation need to be removed. During the execution of the flushing chemical injector washed the whole system, including the injectors and rail, and combustion chamber and valves.
To configure the injector with a special software that makes this device work as a timer. Be soft adjusts the lead angle of the rebound and plugs and adjusted idle and composition of the used mixtures at all operating regimes.
Setting injector run as follows: refined factory software by replacing calibration during movement of the vehicle. After the computer settings of the injector largely improves the technical parameters of the engine, as well as significantly reduced fuel consumption. But after this configuration will need more careful approach to the choice of fuel.
After you adjust the injector, the less will have to resort to manually switching gearbox, as the car pulled smoothly at elevated points and at lower levels increases torque.