Fill fuel tank cleaning additive. Observe the proportion: 60-80 liters of gasoline add about 0.3 litres of fluid. Then quietly continue while harmful deposits will dissolve themselves. This cleaning should be repeated every 3-5 thousand kilometers.
For heavily soiled injector is better to use another method. Connect the special setting in which there is a washing fluid. Do this by using transition fittings, excluding from this diagram, the fuel pump, fuel tank and fuel channels. Start the engine and let it run for about half an hour. Cleaning fluid under pressure enters the injector, cleanses them from pollution, which subsequently burned in the engine cylinders.
Keep in mind that for badly worn engines intensive washing out of harmful. Ensure that along with the dirt did not remove the carbon deposits on the pistons rings. It is fraught with decrease in compression and problems with starting the engine. Check the quality of washing at the CO level, which should be lower on the stability of engine operation at idle. If a method of cleaning does not help, then remove the injector from the engine and clean it separately.
Place it on a special stand which will simulate the operation of the injectors on the engine. Only here, instead of the fuel will be washing liquid. Make sure the flow channel of the fuel was the formation of air bubbles in the liquid. This process is called cavitation. When this happens the effective cleaning of the nozzle and washed the filter. After rinsing you assess the performance of the injector, which is compared to what it was before the treatment. Note that if the output of the nozzles turned out different, it needed to be replaced.
How to clean the injector <b>WHA</b>