Who include in the stop list of the Bank

Being in stop-sheet of the Bank shall entail termination of access to many services, and reduces to zero the possibility to get a loan at the Bank. In case of getting blacklisted one of the Bank, there is a high probability to failure in the other. Because many banks share such information with partner credit organizations.

When evaluating a borrower, banks can rely on the internal stop-list and the data in BCI. Own stop list required banks to reduce the time spent on the assessment of the creditworthiness of the borrower. It contains all the information about the client and the history of its interaction with the Bank.

Primarily in stop-sheet of the Bank fall delinquent on loans and those who regularly missed monthly payments. In order to protect yourself from getting blacklisted only faithfully enough to pay the loan and to prevent serious delinquency. If the Bank has in the past been able to recover arrears only in a judicial order, the borrower is unlikely to get the loan in any credit institution.
Each Bank may have their own criteria for getting the borrower to the stop list, for some the reason may be the slightest delay of one day, other banks are less categorical and continue cooperation with this client.

Also in the stop-list contains information about people who gave when filling out false false information about yourself, and crooks and people with criminal records. Could get to the stop list and borrowers with frivolous administrative offences. In the list of borrowers included and the persons consisting on the account in microdispensers or psychological clinics, and incapacitated citizens. It is obvious that the credits granted to alcoholics, drug addicts - non-performing.

How to restore the reputation of the diligent borrower

It is worth considering that the premises of the borrower in the stop-list is not a lifelong phenomenon. To restore its reputation initially required to comply in full all credit obligations, and to pay fines and penalties. It is important to obtain a Bank certificate no debt.
To restore their reputation, it is desirable to continue to use the services of the Bank in another capacity. For example, to open a salary account, place a Deposit, etc.

Then, it is likely that after a certain time period you will again open up access to credit and other banking products.