Passport is the most important document when crossing the border. The old model passport is valid for 5 years, and the new – 10 years. Submitting documents for a visa, it is important to consider the period prior to the expiration of the passport as most countries require that your passport be valid for 6 months after the end of the trip. If you have to travel in a visa-free country, and until after the passport is too small, there is a high likelihood not go through passport control and to go back to their homeland.
The list of documents for obtaining a visa depends on the country route. Even for the Schengen area list of documents for each of the countries your. Detailed information on all required and optional documents, as well as on the latest changes in the requirements for travel can be found on the website of the Embassy of the desired country.
Going to the country visa you must have medical insurance. If none have, then the visa application must be denied. And besides it is necessary to think about unexpected health care costs. Abroad, they can result in a considerable amount.
The round-trip tickets on the flight, committed in the country, is also included in the list of documents for obtaining a visa.
If you have to make stopovers, it is important to purchase tickets in advance, confirming the presence of subsequent flights performed within 24 hours after stopping in the country of destination. If you do not provide these tickets, you will face a rejection of visa, as well as possible problems when crossing one of the countries follow.
A voucher for a hotel stay is an important document when crossing the border the visa of the country. If you have to stay not in the hotel but in a private apartment or house, then you must provide an official invitation, which will indicate the address of residence.
Going abroad with a minor child, for obtaining a visa should be granted issued by a notary permission to travel from the other parent. The same permit may be required to present at passport control. If a child travels abroad with the Trustee, at passport control you must provide permission to travel from both parents.
When a country leaves the serviceman or employee of the Federal bodies of Executive power, the border control will need to grant permission for the command on departure.