Go to the official website of the Federal bailiff service, on the main page which is a link to a "data Bank Executive productions". Click on the link, which opens a special form to fill in.
In the form that appears, locate the region of your official registration, please enter the name and the surname. Filling the mentioned fields is a must, without it is impossible to search the database. Additional fields are "first name" and "date of birth". They are also recommended to fill in that will reduce the number of rows in the search results, exclude the possible namesakes.
After filling all information, click "Search" located at the bottom of the form. Sometimes users additionally asked to enter the numeric code that appears on the screen. In the search results should find their own data, to rewrite the phone the bailiff in charge of the Executive production.
Call found the phone, introduce yourself, ask the police officer about the presence of restrictions established in the framework of enforcement proceedings. If such constraints exist, then the bailiff will inform about prohibition of leaving the territory of the Russian Federation until full repayment of the debt, will advise on methods of payment of the debt and the timing of the lifting of all prohibitions.
If this option is not suitable, use the portal of public services. This method assumes the availability of an account on the portal, without which it is impossible to generate requests for services.
After authorization on the website of the public services find it in the list of bodies of the Federal bailiff service. In the list provided by this state on the services, select "information on enforcement proceedings".
Click the "Get service" then fill in all required fields for the order. Some of the fields automatically populated based on the information provided during user registration on the portal of state services.
Carefully check entered information and confirm the intention to receive the service. After that, you can automatically view the information on the brought against the user enforcement proceedings and accepted within these industries restrictive measures. A service is free, information is available instantly.