You will need
  • - shovel;
  • box.
The easiest way – to bury a deceased hamster in the Park, the forest or on the lawn next to the house. The grave should be deep, otherwise it will troublesome stray dogs. Body hamster wrap it in a cloth or Packed in a box and place it in the excavated hole. Fill with soil and tamp, top off with stones for protection from digging. With the same purpose, place of burial, you can pour a small amount of bleach.
Those who has a suburban plot, you can bury the pet in the far corner of the garden. Select a picturesque spot under a tree or Bush, put on a grave flowers, decorate it with decorative stone.
If your hamster died in the winter, try to bury it. To dig up the frozen ground, will need a sharp bayonet or entrenching shovel and sometimes even a crowbar or axe. The task is simplified if near your house there is a heating duct. Next to her, the ground does not freeze, so a hole of the required depth you can dig without problems.
как приучить хомяка есть с рук
Another option is to give the deceased animal to a veterinary clinic where the body is cremated. Call different hospitals and find out which of them would be willing to provide such a service. In some institutions, cremation of dead animals is specified in the price list. Bring the dead hamster to the clinic, pass it to staff and pay for the service. For greater reliability, consult friends, doctors or hospital with a good reputation.
Как приучить хомяка к рукам