In the Russian case with the burial of the dead animals are not particularly good. Most often, the owners of the dead Pets prefer to bury them as people, digging in a particular grove, the grove or at the cottage. This method maximally distributed. They sometimes even put their Pets monuments, equip the graves and visit them regularly.
However, intending to bury the deceased pet, be aware that it is illegal and potentially dangerous. It is most often the cause of death is unknown, but it can be very contagious. For example, in no case can not bury in the land animals killed for rabies. The virus gets into the soil, enters the groundwater and is carried to the second round, infecting all around. The same applies to conventional cadaveric poison.
As for livestock, it is usually disposed of in biothermal holes. They are specially prepared ditches, which are at the greatest possible distance from agricultural land, houses, gardens, etc. these cemeteries to bury Pets only subject to arrangements and payment for services.
Increasingly today begin to apply such a method of disposal of the body of the deceased animal, like a cremation. He is fairly quick, and hygienic. However, it is worth considering the nuances. For example, if you rent the animal for a free cremation, they can be disposed of with a few others and you do not give up.
If you choose a paid option (it costs about 2 000 rubles), your pet is cremated separately from the other and give you the ashes. Further it can do anything, because the ashes are sterile.
Abroad there is a whole kind of pet cemetery. They represent the columbarium, which holds the ashes of Pets. In Russia, this tradition is still in the making. However, the first funeral home for Pets has already appeared. As a rule, they have established close relationships with veterinary clinics, so you can resolve all the issues in one place.
If the animal died at home, funeral you can call home. Addresses and phone numbers to the General public is always on the Internet.