Advice 1: How to wash a hamster

The question "can you bathe hamsters?" a frequent concern of owners of these cute and funny rodents. It should be noted that to wash the hamsters in the truest sense of the word is not recommended. In fact, hamsters are quite clean and tidy animals, so they are able to maintain their fur in perfect condition independently. Daily hamsters and wash and brush my hair.
How to wash a hamster
Regular washing hamsterm is not necessary – even the old and a big animal that is no longer able to fully look after themselves, instead of bathing it is enough to clean with a damp cloth. But sometimes on the fur of the hamster can accumulate contaminants that an animal can not clean independently. In this case, without bathing is not enough.

How to wash a hamster
1. Strong contamination of the wool or the presence of parasites – a good reason to buy a hamster. But it is necessary to know how to clean the hamsters because of risk to damage the health of the animal. First of all, you need to dial into the container for bathing warm, but in any case no hot water. The correct choice of shampoo is also important. If you find in the fur of the hamster any parasites, use a special anti-parasitic shampoo, but while bathing be careful that the foam does not get the hamster in the eyes and ears.
How to wash a hamster
2. Normal shampoo for hamsters as much foam, so namasivaya animal with the utmost caution. The eyes of the animal extremely vulnerable. Rinse the shampoo should be very carefully, with plenty of warm water. Well rinsing the fur of the hamster is moderately warm water immediately rinse her with water at room temperature. You can then proceed to drying.
How to wash a hamster
3. Remember that animals such as hamsters, are extremely prone to catch a cold. To protect the animal from respiratory diseases, immediately after bathing will dry his hair. This can be done with a hair dryer or a soft towel. A hamster with wet hair is very vulnerable to draughts, so continue drying until then, until you are sure that the animal is not freezing.
How to wash a hamster
4. Hamsters are usually quite tolerant of bathing and are not afraid of water treatments. Moreover, some hamsters are partial to bathing. So if you want to treat your hamster, try to put in his cage a shallow bath of water – but do not leave your pet unattended
How to wash a hamster

Advice 2 : How to wash Djungarian hamsters

One of the most popular Pets is a Djungarian hamster. This little furry creature can bring a smile to the face of not only the child but also an adult. To Dzungarian hamsters are born from their owners ' delight and tenderness, from time to time these animals need to wash.
How to wash Djungarian hamsters
Djungarian hamsters are very clean animals. They wash and comb the fur of the paws every day. Therefore, frequent washing of these animals is not recommended. Noticing any, the slightest, barely noticeable dirt on their fur, do not rush to put the hamster in water. Instead of swimming, which is a real stress, clean animal ordinary damp cloth.
If Djungarian hamster managed to get dirty so that the contamination is not clean even with a damp cloth, no bathing can not do. A valid reason for this unpleasant for the animal treatments is the emergence of parasites.
Wash Djungarian hamsters should only be warm, but in any case not in hot water. Type it in a small container, for example, in a basin or plastic bowl.
Moisten the fur of the hamster. Be careful not to let water get into the eyes and ears of the animal. Remember that any shampoo tends to foam. So namasivaya pet very carefully, just one finger. For minor contamination, you can do without using shampoo.
If the fur of the animal you will notice any parasites, use to wash the hamster normal, and special antiparazitarny shampoo, which can be purchased at any pet store.
Rinse the foam with fur hamster very carefully. Use plenty of lukewarm water. Watch carefully so it does not get into the eyes and ears of the animal. Ultimately ensure that all foam with fur and calf hamster washed away.
Thoroughly dry the fur of the hamster after a bath soft towel or Hairdryer set to the lowest setting drying. Jungar hamsters are extremely prone to cold, so coat it dry until then, until you are sure that the kid does not freeze. Remember that a hamster with wet hair is very vulnerable to draughts.

Advice 3 : How to bathe Djungarian

Djungarian hamster is a little ball of positive. He eats funny, funny inflates his cheeks, and his whole appearance says that size doesn't matter. You care about his health, trying to find the right diet and make periodic walks to the couch and hands. And how to wash? Because the water in the cell is only in the troughs, but the baby may need to go for a swim. Attain the wisdom of the hamster toilet.
How to bathe Djungarian
You will need
  • - bathing sand chinchillas;
  • - plastic container;
  • - cotton pads.
Let your Jungaria to carry out manipulations for cleaning their own coats on their own. It just seems that all animals must necessarily take a bath, like himself. In practice, very few mammals are really in need of water procedures. Carefully watch your hamster and you will notice that a very large amount of time he spends brushing their own fur, like a cat. Drugarice very clean and just can't admit that their coat remains glued to the hairs, and even more crumbs.
For a more thorough hygiene is needed hamsters take sand baths. Contrary to popular belief, brushing his fur in the sand is not only a chinchilla, but other types of rodents. Purchase at the pet store special bathing sand chinchillas and they fill a small swimming bath. For the Djungarian hamster as a bath can serve as a small plastic container, but you can purchase and special bathing. Pour a small layer of sand (2-3 cm) and set the container in the cage. If need be, your hamster would take it as directed.
If you see that a hamster is dirty so much that no wyczesany and bathing in the sand can't come clean, wipe it with a damp cotton swab. Size Jungaria allows you to use for this purpose ordinary cotton pads. Dampen one disc with warm water and gently wipe the fur coat your little friend until the complete disappearance of contamination. Once the dirt is gone, be sure to dry homco another cotton pad. It is important that the fur baby is not left wet as draughts or cold it can easily catch a cold.
In any case, do not bathe Jungaria in the water! It is not only meaningless, but can be deadly. Water, accidentally fell into the eyes and ears, causes serious illness, and wet hamster can very easily catch cold and die.
Useful advice
Baby bath tubs can be left in the cage constantly, it is important not to forget to periodically clean the sand from debris and to replace it with a new, more fresh.
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