You will need
  • - a treat for hamsters
Brought into a new house hamsters need at least a week to get comfortable. Better at this time its no bother at all. Take your time the first time to change the animal litter - it is for your peace of mind you need to mark your territory. Try not to raise your voice and not to make any sudden movements near the cell. If you are in this period try to pet the hamster, most likely, bite you can not avoid.
In order to accustom the animal to the owner, put into the cage a favorite treat of your pet. The hand is not clean, while not making her sudden movements-especially when the hamster will dare to sniff around. Let him make sure that the hand is not dangerous, remember the way she smelled. Even if the animal still gets scared and bites you, not odergivala hand sharply is more frightened him.
If the previous stage of domestication was fine, a couple of days to offer the animal a treat on hand. Do not stretch the food, holding it between her fingers, it would be correct to put a treat on the open relaxed palm. As soon as he learns to fearlessly eat with the hands, you can gently try to pet him on the back with one finger (without touching the head).
Once the hamster is accustomed to the hand, will calmly allow themselves to be stroked - you can try to plant it on your palm and carefully removed from the cell. Carefully match the power, communicating with the hamster, do not squeeze and not tiskita it - because these creatures are very fragile and vulnerable. Try to explain this to your children before you allow them to touch the hamster.
There are a number of actions that are unacceptable in relation to hamsters, so as not to scare and not to injure them. In any case, do not Pat the animal on the head - small rodents perceive touch to the head painful. No need to take the hamster in hands from the back - he definitely needs to see your hand before she touch him. Physical punishment to these animals should also not apply to: the educational effect of them will not be a stress for your pet will be considerable.