Call the veterinary service in your town. First, it often happens that the vets offer services cremation (not burial). Secondly, there is to know about the presence of formal and informal cemeteries for animals. The official cemeteries of Pets are cremated, too, and then you can choose what to do with the ashes – buried, to dispel or to take with you. For example, in Moscow there is a pet cemetery located on the Mashkinskoye highway. You can bring back the body of the pet or to order a "leave the house". The cemetery is open daily, around the clock.
Check with veterinarians and acquaintances on an informal cemeteries animals in your city. As a rule, satisfied with their grieving owners are digging their graves, establish makeshift crosses and stones with pictures of dogs and cats, bring flowers. You can bury the pet in this place for free, it is not prohibited by law.
The easiest, of course, to bury the animal in a Park, at home or in the woods. But the Park is not a place for burials, you will not be able to install a small monument, fence grave to make the bench. The forest is not the best option, you can not subsequently find a place where buried; in addition, there is always a chance that someone will dig up the grave. Many people bury their Pets in the country, is a convenient option if you have it.
If none of the options does not suit you, or your city does not have cemeteries for Pets, follow a Japanese tradition. In Japan, Pets are cremated, and then on special websites-"cemeteries" create a page dedicated to a deceased pet. Gradually the custom came to other countries, including Russia. In the Russian-speaking Internet there are several sites where you can leave the memory of his friend: for example, There are also forums where people Express sorrow, accept condolences. Communication is very important in any loss.