It is important to know that these rodents - the animals night. Day after escaping from prison, your animal is likely to hide somewhere in a secluded corner. But late in the evening or at night he comes out of hiding and start running around the apartment in search of food. So in advance, put somewhere near the house of hamster food and water. Baby necessarily interested in this treat. And most importantly you to seize the moment and catch the animal with a towel or piece of fabric. Immediately transfer it to a cage or aquarium. Gently vipustite hamster from the matter to avoid damage to sensitive paws and nose.
как найти сбежавшего хомяка в квартире
If a hamster did not come out from his hiding place, will have to look for it themselves. It is not very easy, as these rodents are quite compact and can fit in any gap. And love to hide in soft, warm, dark places. So it makes sense to look for the hamster in cabinets, shelves with clothes, near the battery, on the bed under the covers. Hamsters are very quickly climb, and you need to check not only the lower tiers of furniture. They can even climb on the table, clinging paws for the long tablecloth.
How to find <strong>hamster</strong> <b>apartment</b>
Sometimes, hamsters are so cleverly hiding that they cannot be found in the apartment. The reason for the unrest there. Sooner or later you'll catch the animal. And the main thing now that he had access to food and water. So every time before bed, leave on the floor a saucer of clean water, grain, fresh vegetables.
How to find <strong>hamster</strong> <b>apartment</b>
Gradually, the hamster gets used to the owners, becomes a hand, no longer hide. But if you let the animal run around the apartment, it is better not to leave it unattended. He can chew the Wallpaper, furniture and even taste the electric wire. Therefore, it is better to keep a hamster at home in a spacious cage. And in the summer it can make walking outside to where he had a good run.
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