There is a view that there was no need to water the hamsters, they supposedly enough of the moisture, which they get from fresh vegetables and fruits. But one can hardly agree with this, because for any living creature on our planet the moisture necessary for life. So do not forget that every day, your hamster drink clean water, even if you regularly include in his diet of juicy vegetables, fruit and berries.
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To water the hamster, you can buy at the pet store special trough. They are different in scope and consist of the measuring Cup and tube with a ball. When the hamster is thirsty, he comes to the drinking bowl and the tongue licks the ball located on the end of the tube of the Cup - the ball spins, and the animal arrives fresh and clean water. Sippy cups are typically installed between the bars of the cage, which contained animals, but if your hamster lives in an aquarium, you can buy a Cup equipped with a suction Cup.
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Also for little baby hamsters who are not yet able to independently approach the toy or for very lazy individuals (and some hamsters are extremely lazy libocany) will fit conventional pipette, which can collect water and bring it directly to the muzzle of the animal. Using the eyedropper, you will be able to ensure that your pet always was filled with.
If you have a stainless steel sink, which accumulate water droplets, you can just let go of the hamster. So you kill two birds – your pet will be able to walk around and drink water. Only be careful that such trips were made regularly, at least twice a day to the hamster didn't suffer from lack of moisture.
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Hamsters can drink a simple clean boiled water, but these animals are also very fond of milk and do not give up fruit juice (diluted with water that was not too sweet) or fruit compotes. Also useful will offer hamsterm fruit, vegetables, grated carrots and berries.
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