Advice 1: How to determine the age of the hamster

Hamsters - cute and very undemanding Pets from the rodent family. The life expectancy of a hamster is largely dependent on his breed and heredity, but they rarely live longer than 2 years. Thus, buying a hamster for yourself or your child, choose a young animal aged not more than a couple of weeks. But how to determine the age of a hamster? Experienced "HomeCinema" there are several effective ways.
How to determine the age of the hamster
To accurately determine the age of the hamster is almost impossible. Even the experts frequently determine the age of the hamsters "by eye". Young hamsters usually are more active than the male at the age of. They are constantly moving around the cage, play or chew food. Elderly individuals tend to retreat, they sleep a lot and I don't aspire to active games.
The age of the hamster can be identified by its fur. The first visible color in hamsters begins to appear after five days after birth. Two weeks after the birth of hamsters are different bright color and the thick wool cover, skin them smooth and no nicks. Four weeks after birth, hamsters are entering a stage of sexual activity. Of females from the genitals begins to stand out genital liquid with specific smell, the males begin to grow testes.
In addition, kids from adult hamsters can be identified according to size and weight. If spread a hamster is 8-9 inches, he is already more than three months. Hamsters older than three to four months usually weigh over 40 grams, so if you buy a hamster you can to weigh.
Buying a hamster 's age in a couple of weeks, you can be sure that he will live in your family for a long time. Of course, the duration of your pet's life will directly depend on your care of him and nutrition. Food hamster should be correct and balanced, especially in the first months and in the elderly.
1)the lifespan of the hamster is not dependent on breed
2) the Young hamsters are very active, they have a beautiful rich skin and bright eyes
3)Purchase a hamster is better at the age of 2-3 weeks

Advice 2 : How to know the age of the hamster

Hamsters – charming animals. They nicely move my cheeks while eating, fun scurrying around you do not the palm of your hand and just love to run on the wheel and explore the outskirts of his house. But for all of you who are going to breed these wonderful animals, and for ordinary fans, it is useful to learn how to determine the age of your animal. To distinguish a newborn from the grown is almost no difficulty, but further changes kids are not so conspicuous and require more careful observation.
How to know the age of the hamster
You will need
  • electronic scale
Look closely at your hamster. On sale homecine kids often come in a 30-day age, but in many species this period is still ongoing, the color change and the growth of fur. So if you have got any books with pictures of adult animals or the corresponding directories with the exact size and weight – you can feel free to focus on them. If your hamster has long fur, and the baby sleeping on the palm of your hand, the fur is still quite short – it means you are lucky and you young thing. If the exterior photo and the original are identical – your hamster is an adult.
Take an ordinary electronic scales and weigh the animal each week during the month. More precisely, it is necessary to determine the age of females, because a too early pregnancy and childbirth at a young age may not only be undesirable, but even dangerous. Puberty in hamsters occurs in the months of age or the age of 40 days, but to give birth to such jamacian yet. At the age of three to four months the young homyachihi steadily gain weight. If you have not changed the diet and notice positive dynamics of a hamster is still a baby. But if its weight is relatively stable, a female older than four months. After the animal is fully formed and reaches its optimal weight, you can start the first mating.
Buying a hamster at the store, be sure to pay attention to his behavior and appearance. Young hamsters are more active, always running, unable even to fight. But their adults to gather even look more sedate and prefer balanced behavior. Often animals carried out within the walls of the pet shop most of his life, and sellers can pass them off young. In any case, you need to carefully inspect hamsters and in case of any doubt, to abandon the purchase. Adult hamsters are quite active life, fighting with fellow and harass females. If you see that the animals are lethargic – most likely in front of you homecine veterans to purchase which is not worth it.
It is best to buy a hamster from a friend or friends. First, only in this case you can be absolutely sure of his age and health. And secondly, the possibility of buying a sick or weak animal.
Useful advice
Too little hamsters also purchase is not necessary. If any of your friends in the family of hamsters was expanded, not in a hurry to bring home a very young homyachat. The optimal age at which to bring them to adulthood – 30 days. Until that time, the kids are still too vulnerable and continue to need to mother and each other.
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