The life expectancy of hamsters

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Life is so arranged that the smaller the animal, the shorter its life. Hamsters, unfortunately, is no exception. On average, regardless of breed, will be able to please you about 2-2. 5 years. If you provide pet good care, he will be able to accommodate 3 or even 4 years.

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Hamsters are very prone to diseases. Diseases are they fast, and rarely fails to cure pet hamster dies. Not to relive this nightmare to choose when buying a healthy baby.

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Given the short age of the hamster, it is advisable to buy young individual. It is easier to tolerate a change of pace, faster tamed. But the age of the hamster must not be less than three weeks, it is desirable that he was able to eat independently.

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See how looks a hamster. A healthy animal is agile, with quick reflexes. He's smooth with no bare spots coat that fits tightly to the body and beady eyes, and breathing without wheezing.

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To buy the hamster a better pet store – it will give you a guarantee that you will have a healthy animal. In pet stores all checks animal veterinarian. This is important because hamsters can be carriers of pathogens of various infections dangerous for human.

How to extend a hamster's life?

Accommodate pet in a large cage. Make sure that she was standing in a secluded place where there are no drafts and direct sunlight.

Exclude cells from dangerous objects that may cause injury to the animal. Do not use cotton wool as a filler, because the hamster is able to become entangled in its fibres, while trying to escape, it may damage the foot. In the cage, use only the special filler. Do not replace it with newspaper ink can cause poisoning.

Do not create animal of stressful situations. Hamsters do not like change, so do not move the cage too often. It is also often to do a complete cleaning of the cage, breaking the habitual course of life of the hamster. Don't touch the produce, which he put "in reserve".

Do not feed the hamster on his Desk. Many hamsters love human food. But this habit shortens their lives.

Hamsters are not allowed to swim. From bathing the pet can catch a cold and die. The hamster himself able to maintain his coat clean.

Do not think that the hamster is bad alone. On the contrary, this animal has a keen sense of territory, and the neighborhood it to anything.

If you follow these guidelines, your pet will live a happy life the duration, which gave him the nature.