"All dogs after death go to heaven"

Incredibly, the name of a popular cartoon hides the opinion, which has helped many people. Naturally, in the first hours and days after the loss of a pet is little that can comfort. However, some psychologists recommend immediately trying to "think positive". If the animal was sick a long time, you can imagine how it ceased to suffer and was among their relatives. An elderly dog who could no longer run and frolic, and now, perhaps, behaves like a puppy. The owner stressed after the loss of his friend, may be of any pattern - cat country, where each next to a bowl of treats, or a forest full of adventure and holes they will be happy Terrier, loves walks. There are no barriers to imagine what kind of a world now turned out to be dead animals. Most importantly, try to imagine that there him well and happy.

For the first time, it is desirable if not to give, then at least remove out of sight all objects that can be associated with dead animals. After the pain of loss will subside a little bit, you can decide what to do with them. And yet, the man who stopped the look on the leash or dog toy, will only again and again to experience stress. Not worth it to reopen wounds, spent hours perusing photos and videos of the deceased tailed mustache or other

No need to be afraid of tears, because sometimes a dog or a cat can become a true friend, companion and comrade. Most importantly, do not give yourself a long time to "get stuck" in this state. Nothing can be changed, you just have to live with the loss. Remembering a friend, should also focus on the good and pleasant moments. The animal has lived a long and happy life with your beloved owner - and this is most important.
According to some psychologists, having made a plan for a few days and tightly filled life events, not leaving yourself the opportunity to grieve, to experience loss.

If the pet died in an accident in the Prime of life, the owner can be very difficult to console himself. However, not everything depends on us, we need to take and survive the incident. Not worth it all day long sitting, fingering a photo of a dead friend. No matter how difficult it may seem, it is necessary to meet friends, to walk and lead an active lifestyle.

How to explain death of pet to child

Some children have the first idea of death was formed after the death of a cat or dog. Therefore, from the parents depends on many things - how to explain to the child what has happened, not to scare and reassure. One of the options is also "Dreamland", which after death go all animals. It is possible to tell and about reincarnation, when a cat or dog, so long gladdened the one family, ever have another boy or girl, where you learn new games and amusements.
There are many options of how you can tell the kids about this sad event. The choice of a particular method depends on the age of the child and of the parents ' worldview.

When to get a new four-legged friend

How many people, so many opinions. So in this question - someone committed as soon as possible to switch to a new pet, and others, intending "to remain faithful" to the deceased cat or dog, do not want in the future to have Pets. Universal advice in this case does not exist, it is important to remember that all necessary measure - if the sadness persists and the person can not recover after the death of a pet, you need to seek help from professionals.