Unfortunately, the hamster can not Express complaints about care and feeding. If it's beeping, it means that the pet has something to tell us, to talk about what he cares about at the moment.Often the hamster starts beeping at the time when he was being taken home after purchase. This is a common reaction of a frightened toddler. It is not necessary to pick up the hamster from the female sooner than 2 weeks after birth.The first time already at home hamster will scream, squeak, hide and bite. He needs to adapt to new conditions, to his house (cage), food, household extraneous noise, etc. Another hamster you need to know the host and learn to distinguish it from the others. The adaptation period may take time from one week to 3 months.The hamster should be tamed, he needs to get used to the hands of the owner. Pet has not had time to believe in the good intentions of the owners, so I think he will squeak when he tries to pick up, but will eventually get used to it and calm down. It is also necessary to accustom to the fact that these hands will feed the hamster. Soon he will begin to learn the smell that is coming to the cage ... The squeak may indicate that the hamster is hurt. Do not give the hamster in the hands of young children, they can drop it. The drop may cause damage to internal organs. In this case, you must show the pet's veterinarian.Your squeak hamster can Express dissatisfaction with the fact that his cage is dirty. Need daily to clean his house, clean up feces, to change the sawdust. Very satisfied and will remain a hamster, if you find a cage that you can chew.Hamsters often squeak while sleeping (perhaps they have restless dreams). With a squeak, they jump up, frightened by something. At this point, you gentle voice to call the hamster by name. Native calm his master's voice very soothing.