The certificate of the pharmacist means that its owner has a high level of knowledge both in theory and in practice. And this is a necessary condition to engage in pharmaceutical activities.

To obtain the certificate of a pharmacist you need to complete a full course of postgraduate professional education (postgraduate studies, residency, internship), or a course of additional professional education (usually not less than 144 hours), or professional retraining (over 500 hours).
After selecting and completing the appropriate course, you are eligible for admission to the qualification examination. Success in qualification tests, is a guarantee of receiving the certificate, the validity of which is five years.
Certificate of pharmacist issued by the state or municipal pharmaceutical and research institutions having the corresponding license.

Before starting the qualification tests you need to determine the location in which you will be tested, and provide the necessary documents:

Statement to the Chairman of the qualification Commission;
- copy of diploma of pharmaceutical educational institutions (faculty);
- copies of additional and postgraduate professional education;
- copies of previously issued certificates;
- extract from employment record book;
- a personal report on the work of examinee, reflective abilities and practical skills for 1 year.
Prior to testing the qualification Commission is formed, which consists of healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical associations, research institutions.
The exam consists of three stages and may take place over one or several days. There are the following stages: test control; identify the practical skills of the expert; the final interview.
The qualification Commission shall decide by a majority of votes, if the votes are equal, the decision in favor of the person who passes the exam.
If one stage fails, the right to further testing will be cancelled. In such cases, the Commission determines the date of re-delivery.
The decision of the qualification Commission may be appealed to the Central qualification Commission, or in court.