The person needs to recover from illness and injury gradually increasing motor activity. During this period, he needs the help of specialists in physical therapy — physical therapy.

Physiotherapists must have a medical degree, possess basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathological physiology, own psychology and methods of restoration of health through various physical exercise.

He deals with the appointment of a patient undergoing a disease, an injury or surgery, the individual set of physical therapy. The doctor also monitors the health of the patient, adjusts physical activity based on the results and decide when to limit or to stop.

Instructor in physical therapy must have a special secondary medical education. He performs the prescribed exercises with the patient or trains and monitors the performance of therapeutic exercises.

The instructor is responsible for the health of the person during class, measures the pulse, blood pressure and monitors the patient's breathing before and after exercise. It is located directly in the group room and is responsible for equipment and room temperature.

To obtain diploma in physical therapy in Russia, having completed the special advanced courses for health professionals. They are held on the basis of educational medical institutions: colleges, institutes and universities.

Thus it is necessary to obtain basic medical education, only then can you get a job in hospitals and rehabilitation centers and to restore the health of patients.

You can also finish the course at the Department of sports medicine and physical therapy in Institutions of physical culture and sport, but can act the restriction to work in clinics and rehabilitation centres.

Such specialist can work in educational institutions, children and adults, centres of additional education, sports facilities, sports schools and sections.

It is important to understand the differences between working with people who have suffered a disease or injury, and the usual wishing to practice yoga or Chinese calisthenics. For first necessary medical control, and the second most important thing is to learn recreational gymnastics.

Specialist physical therapy generalists need to have two education: medical and diploma of the Institute of physical culture and sports. In this case, to find work wherever they can help to restore health through therapeutic exercises.