Rules of report writing for personnel are set forth in the request external or parent organization it is applied to the form in which it is necessary to present the requested information. As a rule, the difficulty of filling does not occur – this is a common statistical data on number of employees, their education, age, etc.
Reports on HR for the internal needs of the organization may be different, because every enterprise has their own needs. Talk with the leadership of your enterprise, discuss what information on staffing will be interesting, and how often they should be presented. Develop and approve forms of the reporting.
The main report should include statistical information about the number of employees with the division into those who have higher or vocational education, by age: under 50 years 50 and older, of them of retirement age. Specify the total number of employees in these categories, how many of them replace their positions on a competitive basis, how many have been certified and how many professionals and executives were inconsistent with their posts. In General, the report will reflect how many employees in the reporting period trained in courses of improvement of qualification, passed training abroad and have scientific degrees and titles.
The report will reflect personnel currently available, the demand for specialists with higher and secondary vocational education at the beginning and end of the reporting period. Divide the total number of vacancies by activities of your company to report was more obvious.
Calculate in the report, the turnover rate, which is equal to the ratio of the number of dismissed employees to the average number of employees during the same period. There is a sense in the report lead form, reflecting the reasons for the dismissal at own will, for truancy or violation of safety requirements, because of dissatisfaction with wages or conditions of labour, of natural causes. The turnover rate calculate both common and private, associated with one of the following reasons.
Draw conclusions based on the report, review the work with the staff and the status of labor resources at the enterprise. Recommend measures to improve the operation and staffing requirements.