Advice 1: How to develop a work plan of the division

The operation of division is not possible without planning, especially for those companies whose activity is connected with manufacture or trade. A properly drafted plan of work of the division facilitates the monitoring of implementation performance and allows you to get full value from every employee of the Department. Plans can be drawn up as a long-term perspective – on-year and quarter, and short-term operational plans for the month, week and day. But the basis of the work of the Department is a long-term plan for the year.
How to develop a work plan of the division
Talk to managers and make on the basis of data obtained from them, an analytical report on the work of the Department over the past few years. Reliable statistics for the period shall be not less than three years. Analyze the dynamics of the work of the Departmentusing the characteristic indicators of its work, develop realistic goals.
The figures obtained compare with those that exist at the moment. Based on these data, formulate goals and objectives of the Department for a year. Consider how realistic it is possible to increase production performance, and in what way this can be achieved. If you expect an increase of a few tens of percent, in this case, you can do only efforts, but if you planned increase of the main indicators of much, to achieve them you need to consider and seriously to convert the entire production process, which also should be reflected in the plan.
Shall describe the implementation of the plan on terms adjusted for seasonal factors. If the work of the Department is associated with the how to work vendors or the timing of third-party contracts, please note that. Assign responsibility for completing each aspect of the plan of work of the Department.
Remember that the lack of regular monitoring makes work routine. In order for your plan to become a reality, schedule a regular inspection and reporting, which will represent heads of departments. Reporting gives you real control of the it Department.
Introduce the heads of departments with the plan of work of the Department, based on this, they are required to prepare their individual annual plans. Adjust and modify the plan based on feedback from subordinates and those plans which will provide you with the heads of departments.

Advice 2 : How to make a plan

In our rapid age, it's sometimes difficult to meet all the backlog of cases. If you want to keep up with the times, you can not do without a well thought plan. Remember – if you have your own plans for life someone will definitely find a place for you in his planX.
How to make a plan
You will need
  • Diary, pen
To do this, it is necessary to be clear about what things are most important in your daily life, and what can be neglected. Prioritization will help you with your daily planning. Of course, it will take time, but the benefits of streamlining your business by far outweigh these temporary costs.
The first rule of planning: don't put off until tomorrow what you need to do today. If you are faced with a not too complex everyday task, do it immediately. Small necessary things tend to quickly accumulate and become a burden of cares.
Planning the execution of your tasks, link them to their place and time. A trip, a business meeting is quite possible to combine with a shopping trip if they are nearby.
Not solve issues before they arise. Prudence, of course, important, but sometimes it crosses the line. To deal with problems need only when they stand in front of you to his level and require resolution. Learn how to avoid turning a minor task in the Grand problems that require a powerful effort from your side.
Do not attempt to resolve all issues in one day. Sort tasks according to their degree of importance for themselves. A week has seven days and for each day there is a set of tasks.
Delegate authority to your loved ones. It is useless to try to do everything alone. Consult with family members and find out what part of your everyday worries they can take on. Remember that some business is better to do one big friendly team. In addition, such collaboration helps to strengthen relationships.
The rule is to plan on the evening of the previous day. Use a diary, which you are pleased to take up. You can mark the most important events for the days ahead, and then add things as they occur.
Use labeling importance. It may be exclamation points, the number of which will indicate the degree of importance of the event. Do not overdo it, three exclamation marks in a row is quite enough for such important things as utility bills.
Try to write each item of the plan as already done in the form of a perfective verb in the past tense: "I Bought a gift to her husband". This forms the image you have already made the case and should help in the implementation of scheduled events.
When the plan for the day created, will rate it again. Answer the question: when to begin and end your day that all planned work had been completed? Consider whether it is necessary to rearrange the order of the cases, reordering them according to importance.
Finish your day with a wrap-up. Control over the implementation of the plan should also be your habit. Soon you will notice that planning makes your life less hectic and more comfortable.
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