The heading of the report fill in the following way. At the top, in the middle of the A4 sheet, write in large print the REPORT. On the next line "held the event", putting in quotation marks the title of the event. Under it, the date and venue.
Stepping back two or three rows, type the subtitle "invited". Here, specify the number of those who were sent invitations and those who attended the event. Figure it out in a simple way. In advance prepare a certain amount of Souvenirs. Shortly before the end of the event put near the exit of the promoters who will be handing out gifts. Considering the remaining number you know approximately how many were guests. Or under the guise of the lottery and collect the invitation cards came. On the one hand you find here, the other will get useful contacts. Separately indicate how many VIPs - CEOs of companies, shareholders, well-known personalities. Please list their first and last names.
In the section "press" write how many journalists were present, and which media they worked. Add contact numbers. If the publication is already out - attach them to the report.
Following the subtitle "the event". Here describe, how was your evening, who from the management was on the stage that was in the program. Tell us how the public perceived the organization, like a buffet and musical accompaniment. At the end, attach cost estimates. There should be the points spelled out all costs: hall rental, payment of the lead, the cost of Souvenirs, etc. Calculate how much funds was spent on each guest.
Notes. Here as detailed as possible shall describe the deficiencies of this event. Where there were failures, what went wrong. This will help eliminate repeat situations in the future. Give recommendations on how to optimize the process of organizing the festival. You may need to employ more staff or change the system alert guests. All these comments are very important to leadership, studying your report.
Latest - photos. Attach to the report the most successful image of the event. Try to capture the influx of guests, smiles, applause. Don't forget to attach a photo of the Director. Leadership always flattering attention to his own person.