Advice 1: How to make a correct report

To make a correct report, it is necessary to clearly define the purpose of the reportand its form. The preparation of the reportand are produced in several stages, allowing the correct accents.
The emphasis in the report
You will need
  • Plan of the report the purpose of the report
You need to approach this process responsibly, focusing on the goal report. To the report was correct, you first need to answer the question: "which compiled the report". Only in this case you will take into account all pitfalls. Answers to this question may be a bit. Here are some of them:• the Report needs to inform or explain;
• The report is for recommendation;
• The report must motivate or persuade;
• The report can be a continuation of the debate or to reinforce previous message/discussion;
• The report can be part of the user.
The business reportwill opredelites with a view of the business reportas required in this case. The business report may be presented:• In written and oral form;
• Formal and informal;
• In traditional form and in its original form;
• Single and multi-volume form;in addition, the report can be prepared on their own, and can by hired outside consultants.
The composition of the reporttitulky sheet. Here you can specify the title of reportand name and title of the person who designed the report, name and title of the person who made the report.Introduction. This part should indicate the purpose of the reportand or the nature of the problem. If you intend to make a volume reportand the introduction may include a plan report.The informative part. In this part of the reportand outline all information related to the purpose of the reportand any issues in need of illumination.Conclusion. In the final part of the reportand must specify the findings on the basis of the information received.
Design reportApri registration reportand the need to use various tools.Gap. Separate paragraphs with spaces, this will greatly facilitate the reading process of the document.The size and type of font. Select font, optimal for reading. Change font size to highlight headings.Selection. Italics, bold, underline, and special marks are highlighted in the key points report.The division into pages. The breakdown of the text, page by page, allows you to focus the reader on important points.
Avoid changing the font - the official report is best to make one font, easy to read.
Useful advice
After the preparation of the report, be sure to read it - this will allow you to identify stylistic and other mistakes.

Advice 2 : How to write a report on undergraduate practice in the specialty

Students fifth-year students, in addition to the bustle and hassle of the graduation project, there is another problem - writing a reportwhile on externship. Between the diploma and pre-diploma practice is a direct connection: it is implied that during the internship will be collected the knowledge for writing the practical part of your final work.
How to write a report on undergraduate practice in the specialty
Externship involves the use of theoretical knowledge obtained during the educational process, practice, and gather any additional information necessary for writing of the diploma. Student externship direct from the schools - the place of passage he can choose from the provided list of organizations and enterprises.
Your supervisor confronts you with certain goals and objectives, and sets tasks that you must perform in the course of the internship. They are all essential way should be reflected in the report on passage of predegree practice.
The report is not only the analytical part, you complete in a term paper. This is a diary about an internship in which a graduate should briefly describe each day of the internship and the amount of work undertaken at the enterprise; characteristics place of practice, as well as the opinion of the Manager, which shall include your positive and negative qualities, and recommendations for further employment.
The report should consist of three main parts: the Introduction, which the student must tell a brief history of the company, the goals, objectives, which it pursues through its work, the working methods.- The main part, in which there is a speech about the work done. It can be divided into several chapters depending on what the organization, you had to undergo training.- The final part in which the student highlights the pros and cons of work organization, made suggestions to improve workflow, makes predictions concerning the further development and functioning of the organization in which he completed an internship.
The report can be supplemented with various tables, block-diagrams, documents obtained during the internship, which is documented as an Annex.

Advice 3 : How to write a undergraduate report

In addition to the thesis students in the fifth year you have to write and report on the externship. This document is quite important, because, it is assumed that the data obtained in practice, has been successfully applied in the thesis.
How to write a undergraduate report
Externship – this is the time when you can use the highest institution of theoretical knowledge, and collect information necessary for writing the practical part of the thesis. Typically, practice takes place in various enterprises. You have the power to negotiate with any firm by themselves or choose from a list proposed by the supervisor.
Sending you to training, the head of the degree project gives the task, put before you certain goals and objectives to be achieved during the stay in practice. This information should thoroughly be reflected in your work.
At the time of stay in the company, the internship report should be your personal diary. Daily record information about what you were doing on probation, what results achieved, what are the problems solved and what methods used.
As undergraduate report is a practical work, it should be less theory and more calculations, formulas, different graphs and charts to illustrate your work. If you use formula, in the beginning of the report give a description of the meaning of a symbol is encountered in your report. This information you have the right to use the diploma.
If you showed up to practice with positive side, and you decided to use for further use in the company, such information must be recorded in the report. It will increase your final mark for the undergraduate or for graduate work.
In the report on undergraduate work must be written opinion from the company where you interned, and the tip of your head with offers for further employment.
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