Any report is primarily an analysis of your performance over the past period, indicate whether you have fulfilled the task or not. Take the time to begin to collect the desired metrics in advance. Otherwise, someone from colleagues will fail, forgetting to give you statistics. And only when all documents are collected, start working on a report.
Review the documents and make a clear plan of work on the report. Determine the importance of each position, how you are going to characterize what is new and promising you did for the firm during this period, if increased profit from your actions (or were the savings of the enterprise). If something failed, consider why.
Try the most important indicators to be reflected in the form of tables and graphs in comparison with the previous year. This clearly shows growth in work, whether there was a plan for this period, which is important for reporting.
Language of presentation – formal, business. No need to "spread the idea of the tree, clearly describe all the achievements for this period, what innovative ideas you have contributed and what was the result.
The report is drawn up on A4 sheets, margins, standard, Times New Roman font, size 12 or 14. The interval is better to use a single, indention of the "red line", alignment "justify". It will make your report more readable. And don't forget about pagination.