The reference must be submitted on standard A4 paper. Write it on the letterhead of the enterprise, and, if he is absent, in the upper left corner of the sheet shall bear the rectangular stamp of the organization, which listed her full name, legal address, telephone number and Bank details.
The date of the certificate of employment enter the first line of the document in the upper left corner.
After a double indent in the middle of the line write the title - the word "HELP".
A certificate of work start with the words "Dana", surname, name and patronymic of the employee who requested it. Name the full name of the organization in which he or she works and the date of commencement of employment at this company, indicating that you are working on it at the moment.
What is the office employs employee, and how much is his average monthly earnings.
Email, which provides information on the work, which third party and for what purposes. If help is needed for a tourist visa, many embassies require that help to reflect the fact that job on the time travel trip will be saved for this employee and what he is being given a paid vacation.
Check the positions and names of persons authorized to sign such certificates, usually a Director of the company and its chief accountant, sometimes together with them a certificate of employment shall be signed by head of the personnel Department. Verifying signature with seal of the organization.