Make a plan document. If we are talking about the current report in a short period, keep in mind that it should not take more than 1-2 pages. It often happens that ordinary employees have to submit reports on a regular basis - daily or weekly. In this case, it is advisable to make the document a template, in which subsequently you'll bring actual results and data.
Start the report with a brief enumeration of the objectives and tasks set before you. If there were quite a lot, scroll to the semantic units, which will include the points combined on any key feature.
Describe the tools and resources that it took you to implement the above objectives. This section can include financial costs, additional manpower, travel, marketing research, materials, experiences.
Imagine the results of their work. Describe in detail how they meet the set objectives. Present own vision of the situation, list the main conclusions. If the results can be made, submit them in the form of certain numbers and metrics. Be sure to describe the future goals and objectives. If you have any problem to work with, and describe them, perhaps the head will help you cope with them.
Provide report of visual elements: tables, charts, diagrams. Such inserts would be very useful if the supervisor will review the document briefly. It is possible that it will be enough just to look at these pictures to assess the results of your work.
Take care of proper execution of the report. Use different fonts and colors, pay attention to correct formatting of text and inserts. If we are talking about the report for a large period, take it even more seriously. Verify the correct numbering of pages and images, create the document in both electronic and printed. If you need to make an oral or visual presentation of report, create it separately, include the most important points.