The decision on certification is made by the President of the company. Its purpose is to measure compliance of employees to the job, the base order (order) of the head. The order should address the following questions:
• purpose and date of the certification;
• a list of persons not subject to certification;
• the composition of evaluation committees. Allowed to conduct the appraisal by several committees (chaired by the head) and more.
Simultaneously with the order shall be developed and approved schedule. It individually for each employee must state the specific date of certification. With the schedule of specialists and company executives must be aware of a month prior to the appointed time on receipt.
The next stage – preparation of documents for each appraisee employee:
• the opinion;
certificates on compliance to qualification requirements;
• job description.A review is made of the immediate supervisor of the employee and shall be signed (approved) by the head of the company. The certificate is issued by the office of personnel management, shall be signed by its supervisor. Not later than 3 weeks prior to the certification, these documents must be submitted to the Secretary of the attestation Commission, which, in turn, introduces the documents attesting to the employee not later than two weeks prior to certification. On review, the employee puts his personal signature in the recall.If the employee does not agree with the assessment of his or her employment during the certification period, he is entitled to present additional documents confirming his employment success (orders promotion, rationalization proposals, etc.).
Certification is carried out in the presence of the employee on the schedule. The qualification Committee competent if there are not less than 2/3 of its members (excluding Secretary). The meeting invited the immediate supervisor of the certified employee with the right of Advisory vote. The decision was adopted by direct voting: "for" or "against." Each member of the Commission has the right to Express an opinion different from the decision. This Secretary made a brief entry in the Protocol.
Possible solutions:A. "Corresponds to the position".
With this solution the employee can expect an increase in skill category or salary, transfer to a higher position or for enrollment in reserve.
B. Corresponds to the position subject to the implementation of the recommendations of the certification Commission".
As recommendations of possible proposals: to improve the skills (courses, training), to obtain specialized education, etc.
C. "does Not match position".
In this case, if the employee refuses to transfer to lower-paid position or such at the enterprise is absent, he retires (subparagraph b of paragraph 3 of article 81 of the LC RF).