Decide on the periodicity of the report. They are weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual. Depends on the detail of the submitted report. Weekly and monthly report is intended for operational control, so they involve a high level of detail, a detailed description of each stage. Quarterly and annual report is only an analysis of the work on all activities and submitted the results.
The presentation of results in a weekly or monthly report should be concise and clear. They indicate only the specific work performed and give specific digital metrics that quantitatively characterize your activity. If there are large discrepancies in performance compared with the previous reporting period, reflect the reasons for the differences and analyze them. If you know how to solve the problem, then your sentence can also Express in the report.
The information structure of the progress report should be uniform for the entire document. Consider a form submission. In tabular form it will be more intuitive and compact. In addition, if the table to do, for example, in Excel, combined, monthly report, you can illustrate visual diagrams.