Economists suggest to calculate the frame to use the formula:TK = UK / SCH*100, where TK – the turnover of personnel over a certain period, UK – the number of resignations from the company over the same period, SCH – average number, which is determined by the statements of the account of working hours – time sheets.
But this formula has little to give for the analysis of the causes of this phenomenon and modify its parameters. To reduce the turnover of personnel in the company, which affects its performance, you should define it based on many reasons – from the enterprise management style to the working conditions of employees. You need to analyze the flow of personnel to investigate the cause, which was the reason for dismissal, and maintain their statistics. Divide this statistic by the number in certain periods: for the year, per quarter, per month, divide the number of dismissed employees by departments and divisions, positions, seniority, hours worked in the enterprise. Consider in each case the reasons for dismissal.
Find out why the turnover of personnel in those units in which this ratio is higher than the average level for the enterprise. To adjust it, if the reason is lower wages, adequate working conditions, are not well-chosen style of leadership. There are reasons that relate to natural and which can not affect the retirement age, moving to another city.
Analysis period, waste left in the enterprise, can serve as a performance indicator for the frameunit wow. The reason for the dismissal of those who have worked less than a year are, as a rule, errors in frameOh politics, when staff is recruited, whose expectations are too high. The reason for the dismissal of those who have worked long enough may be low wages or deteriorating working conditions. All this can be justified and correct.
The calculation of the turnover rate of personnel taking into account all these parameters, allows to use this value as a powerful management tool. This indicator shows the effectiveness of the company's activities. Rapid response to change is key to its success.