Harmonious development of child bearing contribute a lot to the sport. In the prevention of curvatures of the spine the best way it is difficult to imagine. But this needs to be treated carefully – some of the sports can be dangerous if the child already has a scoliosis or kyphosis.

Which sports are harmful for scoliosis

If scoliosis manifestations has already occurred, you should avoid asymmetrical exercise. Such sports like Boxing, tennis and fencing, not suitable for weak muscles of the torso and back, because the motion involved only one half of the body.

Some of the sports, sports such as wrestling, jumping, weightlifting, suggesting a significant load on the spine. Badminton, tennis, Golf game, it is impossible to imagine without sharp turns around its axis. Riding a bike where the wheel is low, may contribute to the formation of a rounded back, and as a consequence – the development of kyphosis.

Gymnastics, football, hockey for the weakened muscles present some danger in case of bumps, drops or shocks. Due to some peculiarities of the spine in scoliosis is not recommended, especially gymnastics.

What sport is beneficial for children with scoliosis

Children diagnosed with scoliosis symptoms, it is very useful swimming. The use of the style "brass" is the best you can swim on the breast, and back of the stage slides could be increased. Legs and arms are moving symmetrically, the spine is extended.

The spine in the aquatic environment almost completely relieved – that one of the main advantages of swimming. Very useful even to just lie on the water – it relaxes the muscles and spine while resting. Swimming strengthens the muscles of the torso, creates the conditions for the normal development of the vertebrae, for further growth. Swimming lessons well develop coordination of movements.

Very beneficial to the child's body are Jogging. Doctors recommend running on soft ground, e.g. on sand. Forest walks are carried out in the sports pace, running on skis without using poles or with synchronous ottalkivayas also very useful.

Given these features lessons in different sports, they can choose for themselves. To use sport as a preventive treatment for curvature of the spine, for the prevention of such diseases.