How dangerous is scoliosis of the 3rd degree

Pathological curvature of the spine is the main clinical sign of this disease. As it progression there is the appearance of compensatory arc of the spine and the formation of S-shaped or Z-shaped scoliosis. Along with the increase of the asymmetry of the shoulder blades and shoulders, the clinical picture appears a violation of the anatomical structures of the pelvis and gross deformity of the chest with the formation of the rib hump. Thus, in the pathological process involves the entire skeletal system and disrupts the development of the internal organs, especially the respiratory system. When the patient is unevenly distributed uses the right and left parts of the lungs, involuntarily increasing the volume of the respiratory movements on the part of the formed arc of the spine.

The main methods of conservative treatment

Treatment of scoliosis of 3 degrees must be comprehensive. It is to slow and stop the progression of disease, so it is very important early diagnosis and timely initiation of therapeutic interventions.

One of the main methods of treatment – physical therapy, namely, muscle stimulation using electric current. It works to strengthen back muscles, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in affected region.

As for the massage, at this stage of scoliosis, it has to be gentle. Its peculiarity is the asymmetry: the arc of the spine the movements of the masseur should be more intense and long lasting.

Therapeutic exercises for scoliosis of 3 degrees should be asymmetric and more gentle, since excessive exercise can lead to a stronger deformation of the spine. To this end, all exercises are performed in lying position.

In some cases, surgery is required

In the treatment of scoliosis of 3 degrees often requires surgical intervention. The question of his appointment the doctor will decide, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons" after evaluating the results of complex examination of the patient. Among absolute indications for surgery – a progressive spinal deformity with angle of curvature of over 60 degrees and expressed the pain, which disappear only after taking narcotic analgesics.

If for some reason, surgical treatment can be carried out, the patient is assigned an individual treatment wearing a corset, which contributes to the suspension of development of the pathological process.