You will need
  • - housing certificate;
  • - target account at the savings Bank;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - registration of the contract of purchase and sale of Federal registration service;
  • - a certificate of unencumbered housing
Having received the housing certificate, first open a trust account in the savings Bank for the implementation of HUD (the state housing certificate). Do it for two months (it is a valid term). The Bank will receive a contract for further operations.
Decide the way of implementation of the housing certificate. It can be used in three ways – for the full repayment of the purchase price to Supplement their own funds when buying and as the initial payment in the mortgage loan.
Select the property. Can use the services of real estate agencies who work with the housing certificates.
Agree on a price. Usually, to Finance the deal, Sberbank requested the preliminary contract of sale flats with stating price. Note that if you are going to repay the cost of an apartment using a housing certificate, the transaction will go with the usual encumbrance. In the case where you are adding your own or borrowed funds, it is considered a mortgage and requires an assessment of market value of the apartment.
Sign a contract of sale in establishing the FRS, which employees within 5 days after signing the contract, must issue a certificate of state registration of the agreement. With this report, please contact the Bank and give a written order to transfer money to the seller of the apartment or house.
After transferring the funds meet with the seller and get from him a receipt of receiving of funds from you in full and sign the act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment.
To attach a receipt to the seller to your business in FRS and will get a new certificate with the inscription "the apartment is not encumbered". Then you become a full owner of the property.