You will need
  • -passports and their copies
  • -the conclusion of the housing Commission (family in need of housing or improved housing conditions for the last 10 years)
  • -copies of labor books (certified by the personnel Department)
  • -preferential certificate
  • -birth certificate (children)
  • -certificate of residency (5 years)
  • -income certificate (2-YLAK)
  • documents on marriage (dissolution or a certificate that the woman is a single mother)
  • -in each individual case may require additional documents
For receiving grant money aid you need to collect the necessary documents and contact your area. In order to get on the waiting list to receive housing or to improve housing conditions. Because the subsidy can only get families that are on the queue.
To write a application form about your desire to receive cash assistance. You will prepare all the necessary documents and issue the certificate on receipt of funds. Then open the nominal blocked account which will be transferred to the subsidy.
You need to use it within 6 months. If you missed the deadline to issue it again.
The housing subsidy can be used only once in a lifetime.
The amount of subsidies in different regions is different. Depending on the standards of square metres laid on one person. Its amount is reviewed quarterly based on the growth in housing prices. Is the amount coming from secondary market prices.