You will need
  • - a document on the decision of the housing Commission about the recognition of families in need of housing
  • - copies of passports
  • - copy of marriage certificate (divorce)
  • - help single mothers
  • - copies of birth certificates of children
  • - copy of work record, certified by the personnel Department
  • - income statement 2-pit (to both spouses)
  • - extract from the house register or account
  • help from the BTI on the presence/absence of housing
  • Spouse:
  • - certificate from the Bank about the amount that may be issued as a credit (depending on total family income)
  • - all the originals of the above documents
The family must be recognized as needing housing or better housing conditions and stand in line for this reason. To the family of recognized need, call the housing Commission.
For subsidies between spouses need to officially register.
The family must have sufficient income to repay the residual portion for the housing, in addition to subsidies.
Preferential right to housing are public sector workers with experience of 5 years.
Single-parent families are also eligible for housing subsidy. Age one parent must not exceed 35 years.
The subsidy is 35% of the cost of housing for families without children. The cost of housing provided by the government program. As changes in property prices the amount of change. This is usually done every quarter.
For families with one child or more, about 40% of the cost of housing.
For single-parent families with one or more children - 40% of the cost.
50% - for families with no children and engaged in building their own home or buying a new housing.
55% - for families having one or more children and working on building your own house or buying a new housing. The same conditions for single-parent families.
Give grant non-cash. You need to use it within 6 months.
In some regions there are additional subsidy as the birth of children.
To become a member, it is necessary to collect the relevant documents and to contact the local authorities to the Department of youth Affairs.
About the decision of incorporating you into the program will inform you in writing.