You will need
  • - kerosene;
  • - wool;
  • - dry mustard;
  • bells;
  • - Jerzy.
Not try to shoo the snake, if you saw her on the site. This may piss off a Viper or scare, and defending it to attack itself. Snakes do not strike first at people, try to hide, hearing the steps. Make noise and stomp loudly, seeing a Viper.
Try to place on your site something that emits sharp sounds. It may be the wind chimes ringing in the wind or rattle. The main thing that the sound does not annoy you more than snakes.
Look for device for repelling moles vibrating action. Sometimes they work on snakes.
Sprinkle a suburban area with a solution of kerosene with water in the ratio 1:2. Pay special attention to the strips of land along fences that snake didn't even try to get close to your possessions. They don't like the smell of kerosene.
Hedgehogs, and mongoose, nice catch snakes. In addition, they hunt mice and rats that live in the area and attracts reptiles. Lure for these nocturnal hunters. Hedgehogs love chicken, so place the night a saucer with a treat near the porch. Put another food that they have remained in the country.
Odor dry mustard nasty snakes. Try to sprinkle it on-site. On a plot of 10 acres take 1 kg of mustard.
Get rid of tall grass where snakes easy to hide. In the short grass you can see reptile, Yes, and they are more like dense shady thickets.
If you spring found the old skin of the snake that remained after molting, do not take her hands. Gently pry it with a shovel to not smell human, take away from your site. Snakes usually shed in permanent places, she finds her skin and will not come to you.
Remove all piles of trash and junk from the territory that the snake could not find a place for egg laying. Old snags and rotten stumps can also serve as homes for snakes.
Snakes scared the smell of the sheep, so take natural sheep wool and place on the boundary of the site.