Advice 1: What to do if the dacha settled Viper

The area of distribution of vipers is not only more than any other snakes that live in Europe, but vaster than any terrestrial snake at all. Meetings and neighborhood with them not excluded, and in Central Russia. Cottagers need to know how to protect themselves from the attack of snakes and how to banish it from your site.
What to do if the dacha settled Viper

When meeting with a Viper don't make any sudden moves, don't stomp and don't wave hands, trying to banish it. A snake might get scared and attack you in self-defense. If you know that on the site there are vipers, introduce noise in the distance. Hearing the conversation or the tramp, the Viper will hasten to hide.

Snakes do not live near the person. To bring them close to the people can the lack of food or flooding the places of their usual habitat, water. However, the Viper will not long tolerate human activity and after some time will crawl away.

Vipers settle into a rotten rotten stumps, snags, dense thickets of grass, in burrows of mice, moles and other animals. So your site was a refuge for snakes, eliminate with a suburban area. Get rid of various garbage and trash, often vykashivajut the grass.

If during your spring cleaning on a country station you run into a snake skin Viper dropped during molting, inset it in any tool and throw it away off-site. It is known that snakes always shed in the same place. So the reptile will return to its old skin and will remain there.

Get rid of mice and rats. Lure to the area urchins. These hunters not only destroy the serpent, but also deal with rodents, which are most attractive to reptiles. To lure the hedgehogs put into a saucer or fresh chicken meat, pour the milk and put it near the house.

Around the perimeter of the pour a solution of kerosene. For its preparation mix one part kerosene to two parts water. The smell of kerosene, hated animals, will not allow the adder to get closer to the holiday lands. If you know that the area there are snakes, go to boots. Getting on the air on a warm summer night, when the snakes are most active, bring a flashlight.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of snakes in the suburban area

Some gardeners struggle in the summer with the mosquitoes and moles, others have to look for different ways to confront snakes. The abundance of snakes on the plot is able to create a serious problem for truckers and gardeners.
How to get rid of snakes in the suburban area
You will need
  • - sand;
  • - garlic;
  • - ultrasonic device;
  • ground pinwheels;
  • mustard powder;
  • - venom for snakes;
  • a cat or a hedgehog.
You should warn the owners of the villas, in which are seen a snake in any case not to anger the reptiles and do not try to determine who is in front of you – too or a harmless adder. You can go wrong with marks and appearance. Be sure to go in high boots until then, until output snakes from his site.
To get rid of snakes in the suburban area can be the case, if you completely destroy all their hiding places. Find places of their stay and flatten the ground completely bevel on a plot of grass and weeds (it is advisable to mow the grass and around the garden), sprinkle the area with sand, get rid of old boards scattered and mouldering stumps. Plant a few large patches of garlic, its smell is very unpleasant snakes.
Install on your site special devices that will scare away the snakes. The device must emit ultrasonic waves or create a vibration that calls reptiles a panic. They will stay away from this place. You can install ground pinwheels, are exposed to the wind will create the same vibration and sound that are afraid of snakes.
Get on the dacha the cat, its constant presence will scare away the creeping reptiles. By the way, hedgehogs also do a good job with this task.
Pretty nasty snakes smell dry mustard. Take one kilogram of mustard powder and try to scatter on the border of your site, reptiles will not dare to climb on it. In a specialty store for home and garden buy chemicals that are designed to poison or repel snakes.

Advice 3 : Snakes in summer cottage: what to do

One summer in his backyard lead a furious fight with ants, others mosquitoes, others with moles, but there are among gardeners those who are forced to confront the real snakes. Fairly common snakes in the area. How to fight back these creeping reptiles?
Snakes in summer cottage: what to do

The bite of the snake to humans is a no-brainer. In nature these snakes are very cowardly. When they see someone they would rather prefer to hide. But sometimes they bare their snake nature: take a stand, threatening hiss and bite. And one appearance already strikes fear. To deal with this kind of door is not necessary. Mole can easily be run with the infield

Put things in order

To start, hover on your site in perfect order. Most likely, you have a different stuff, if snakes his chosen. Destroy all possible hiding these creatures. Get rid of stumps and old boards scattered around the area. Will definitely Vicosity short all the grass. Snakes like to hide in damp secluded places such as tall grass or nettle beds near the fence. Snakes do not like open area. A compost pile is another place that should be kept in perfect order. Better for them to build some boxes and do not throw even small branches.

Call for help the animals

Get at least for a time chickens. These poultry can perfectly deal with snakes and quite deftly catch even big snakes! In addition, they will bring you not only delicious eggs, but also manure, which can always be put on the dressing plant. In addition to use, the chicken will add flavor to your site. It is possible to attract to the area urchins, luring them from the forest with a saucer of milk. These forest animals just eat creeping creatures. Call for help the cat to destroy the mice. Much can crawl on your site in order to eat rodents, and while you will live the mouse, the snake will not forget you the way.

Modern technologies

The snake can scare away a special device that is installed on the site and emits special waves that cause cold blooded to stay away from him. According to the manufacturers, the snake repeller is completely safe for humans and Pets.

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