You will need
  • - sand;
  • - garlic;
  • - ultrasonic device;
  • ground pinwheels;
  • mustard powder;
  • - venom for snakes;
  • a cat or a hedgehog.
You should warn the owners of the villas, in which are seen a snake in any case not to anger the reptiles and do not try to determine who is in front of you – too or a harmless adder. You can go wrong with marks and appearance. Be sure to go in high boots until then, until output snakes from his site.
To get rid of snakes in the suburban area can be the case, if you completely destroy all their hiding places. Find places of their stay and flatten the ground completely bevel on a plot of grass and weeds (it is advisable to mow the grass and around the garden), sprinkle the area with sand, get rid of old boards scattered and mouldering stumps. Plant a few large patches of garlic, its smell is very unpleasant snakes.
Install on your site special devices that will scare away the snakes. The device must emit ultrasonic waves or create a vibration that calls reptiles a panic. They will stay away from this place. You can install ground pinwheels, are exposed to the wind will create the same vibration and sound that are afraid of snakes.
Get on the dacha the cat, its constant presence will scare away the creeping reptiles. By the way, hedgehogs also do a good job with this task.
Pretty nasty snakes smell dry mustard. Take one kilogram of mustard powder and try to scatter on the border of your site, reptiles will not dare to climb on it. In a specialty store for home and garden buy chemicals that are designed to poison or repel snakes.