The first step in the destruction of snakes should be cleaning the infield. Remove all debris, cut unnecessary bushes, cut weeds, collect damp leaves and foliage. If clean up does not work, move places of a congestion of garbage away from the house shady and moist places.
The surest way is to destroy the serpent's nest. Snakes often live near the stumps, compost and manure pits and bushes. After destroying the nest, place in the ground mothballs, pre-crushed.
Destroy all small rodents living in your area. Rodents are food for snakes and if they are not, snake will be forced to leave the area. Mink rodents destroy, they are the habitat of snakes.
There is a perception that snakes do not get along with hedgehogs. Get on the site a family of hedgehogs. By the way, hedgehogs are very fond of alcohol, so they can lure, such as beer. However, the best option is still milk.
Snakes can not tolerate the ash and coals. If the entire crop is harvested, it is possible to set fire to the plot, or rather the remnants of dry grass. If such drastic measures to use is not possible, burn at the site of the old car tire. The smell of burnt rubber will cause snakes to seek a new refuge.
Use a variety of chemicals. Spread out around the perimeter of the herbicide or nitrate. If you have a rope of fleece, stretch them along the fence. Threads should be raw, with a characteristic odor.
Get cats, they will help in catching snakesand also the rodents.