How do snake repellents?

Ultrasonic snake repeller is an innovative tool with a high degree of efficiency. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the generation of ultrasonic vibroplasty. These fluctuations are perceived very negatively reptiles. In fact, the snakes starts to panic, and they leave this place. The frequency of the oscillation is constantly changing, and so snakes can't adapt to his work. Simply put, the device does not cause addiction reptiles.

Themselves scared of snakes should be placed in the ground. In appearance they are no different from otpugivateli moles. The device usually has an elongated body which is buried in the ground. Upstairs is approximately 10 cm repeller. By the way the radiator is at the top of the repeller. Also in the upper part of the body is cover with batteries, which is very convenient. To change the batteries is possible without pulling the unit itself.

Proper use of repellents

Some people don't understand that to achieve maximum efficiency of a single snake repeller might be just enough. The area of the standard unit – 300 sq. m. it is Recommended to choose the number of devices, depending on the size of your site. Place the repellents should be spaced apart not less than 3-4 meters.

By the way, if we talk about the location, try to position the devices on the boundary of the site. It is likely that there is a nest of reptiles. But in the winter repeller you don't need, because snakes hibernate. No point in wasting battery life no, so it's best to pull out the repeller out of the ground at this time. Perhaps the use of innovative devices and on-site residential building. But of course to bury them there don't have to.

Types of snake repellents

Perhaps the most important difference between the repeller snakes from each other can be considered the action area and the power source. There are units on 4 batteries of type D. Such batteries is usually enough for almost a year of use, provided that you buy alkaline elements. Install them in a special compartment very simple. The way to turn on the device is not required. When you install the batteries it will start working automatically.

Also in demand are considered scarers, food source which is a solar battery. You will be able to save money by not buying regular batteries.