If your house is humid, then it is likely that you have already met with such insects as the centipede. Brown with lots of yellow legs moves it in two directions. Its length is about 10-15 cm, if it is a regular centipede. Otherwise, there are giant scolopendra of approximately 30 cm If the description of this insect is very similar to that crawl behind your wall, then you urgently need to take steps to get rid of this creature.
Scolopendra toxic. Their poison is not lethal to humans , but the bite there is a fever, the area of the bite may be red, but it is also not excluded a tumor in the site of the bite. That is why, the centipedes, it is undesirable to press. After you apply, there could be some trace that it is necessary to thoroughly rinse with water and avoid contact of the liquid with the surface of the skin of your hands. Wear gloves to avoid the consequences.
It is best to try to bring this insect home. Try to gently pry the scolopendra shovel or shove it in a jar , you can even plant it on a piece of paper and then make the yard or street , and to get rid of it. To get rid of can each in their own way. Or to kill - to be sure, or just left to wander on open spaces of the street.
If your garden or yard from whom they are bred giant centipede, which is very rare, it is better not to tempt fate and apply to the service for the fight against insects. The scolopendra corrode special gas.
If you do not have the ability or means to call professionals you can resort to the following method. Scolopendra're going to blast a strong jet of water from the hose, it is desirable that it turned over and are unable to attack you. Then puncture it with a sharp object, not to leave her no chance to survive.
After you deal with these insects ,make sure that your house is gone humidity, which lures them like a magnet. Subject to the basic rules of hygiene in the house and drying of the premises , these insects you will never see.