You will need
  • Gloves, bag.
Snakes are often found around the various ponds. But to catch a snake in the water impossible, he sinks to the bottom and can stay under water for up to 40 minutes. So engaged in the catching of the snake on land and only in the daytime, because at night they are hiding in their shelters. Start looking snake near the water on a Sunny uncrowded places. Their capture is better in the morning, because at this time they are less mobile.
So in the water
Lift stones and branches, snakes can hide under them. Really never rises high, so look for it in the trees is not necessary. Often when they lie on the boulders or on the ground.
Only on stone
Make sure that before you is really. It is possible to identify the characteristic markings on the head. They can be white or yellow.
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Don't be afraid, if we began to hiss and swoop at you. They practically do not bite (bite cases are extremely rare). So he tries only to scare you.
Hissing too
Much can also pretend to be dead. If in the process of fishing he rolled onto his back and froze, I can easily take it in hand.
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To catch the snake with bare hands can. Find basking snake in the sun and gently walk up to him. To catch the snake do not need any obstacles and fixtures.
Really basks in the sun
Quietly and calmly place your hand to the fish. If you surprise him, he won't fight back. Take the snake as close to the head. So it will be harder to escape. Hold firmly, but be careful not to strangle the snake.
How to keep <strong>snake</strong>
If you hate to take the snake in hand stock up on thick gloves (so you will save your hands from the smell) and bag (never plastic, it can suffocate). If you plan to keep it at home, then after 3-4 days it will be entirely domesticated, no longer distinguish the smell, and quietly he will go on his hands even to strangers.
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