First, try to catch the snake. To do this, place a bowl of strawberries in the evening, and sit down in a quiet place with a bayonet shovel. If a snake crawling, safely and without sparing retrobyte it with a shovel, but make sure that she didn't bite you. Not always areas are found harmless snakes can fall victim Viper, so be in rubber boots and don't take the snake in hand.
Sold in stores a number of chemicals that lure cold-blooded. After the snake tasted the food, after a while it will die. But not always, snakes are happy to eat all sorts of bait. They also possess a certain mind can refuse such a tempting treat, choosing instead a bed of delicious berries.
Set on a plot of a bowl of milk daily - hedgehogs smell and will come to you. But they also love berries, so it's a double-edged sword. But with hedgehogs all the more easier, at least they are not poisonous and are eaten not only Goodies, but also snakes and mice.
Put around the perimeter of the bars, and they hang much rustling foil or foil - the sound will scare away the snakes and they prefer a more quiet neighborhood area, rather than stay in a suspiciously noisy place.
To the snakes feel uncomfortable in your area, remove all grass and clear the area. Snakes like to hide in the grass, and if not, natural habitat is disturbed, they will go on to seek a better life elsewhere, where the grass is high, and last year's foliage is not removed.