You will need
  • - the bandage;
  • - iodine.
There are times when people may not even feel the bite of a poisonous snake, for example, forced his way through prickly bushes. At the first signs of a poisoning with poison inspect the body, especially the feet. Such characteristics include pain, which arose on the site of the bite and the quickly emerging swelling around it. The victim may feel a fever, severe nausea, muscle weakness. He may appear sleepy and to speak in a cold sweat. Usually after this incident, difficult breathing, blurred vision. On the site of the bite, you can see one or two point wounds or scratches on the ends of which are clearly visible punctures on the skin of the teeth.
If all the signs, including a bite mark there, don't panic and try to remain calm. Immediately send someone to the nearest town for medical help. If there is a telephone, call MOE on mobile. For all operators there is a single number 112. To call ambulance for MegaFon, MTS, TELE-2, NSS and CITY type 030, for Beeline – 003, to Skylink – 03.
Limit the mobility of the person, the victim of the bite so that the poison began to spread through the body. He must lie flat in complete peace. The affected leg a healthy tie to a rope or a bandage, so she twitched convulsively. If the snake has bitten in the arm, then lock it by dressing in a bent position.
Flush the wound with running water and heavily compress the bite, squeezing out trapped in the body of the poison. If you are sure that your lining of the mouth and gums no wounds and scratches suck the poison from the wound, clenching his teeth, body tissue around it, at the same time squeezing and sucking poisonous liquid, which must immediately spit. Do this for 15-20 minutes. Such first aid will allow you to bring the body bitten between 20 and 50% poison. You should not be afraid of poisoning, because you immediately spit out the poison, and he does not have time to be absorbed into your blood through the mucous membranes of the mouth.
Treat the wound with iodine, on the bite, apply a tight, compressive bandage. When the swelling begins to subside, loosen it, the fabric does not cut into the body. Intensively give the victim tea and water to the urine from the body derived toxins. If necessary, give artificial respiration and heart massage. Get bitten in the nearest health centre where he administered anti-typhoid serum.