You will need
  • Rag, gloves, stick, stick, hollow tube, long durable cord, box
Grab the rag. It is desirable that it was a thing of thick fabric, for example, tarp, jacket, etc. This method is the easiest but also the most dangerous. Therefore, you can use it only to catch a snake or a harmless snakeq verdigris. Put rag on snake. Reptile for a few seconds will freeze, curled up into a ball. At this point you need to grab the snake and place it in a specially prepared container box with lid, jar. In this container the snake can be put on the field or in the woods and there issue.
Prepare a stick-spear with a length of 1.5 — 1.8 meters. At the end of the stick should be branching. Take in one hand the spear, in the other a plain stick or a branch with foliage. Take a position on the side of the snake and drive in front of her with a stick or branch. Reptile will switch attention to it, and then you need to quickly press a spear to the neck of the snake to the ground. It is desirable that you have helped someone else, because to capture and relocate the snake, not letting go of the spears alone is quite difficult. Ask your assistant to grab the snake, pinned to the ground by a spear, in the upper part of the neck, resting your index finger to the base of the head of the reptile. So the snake can't sting.
Take a hollow tube. Inside the tube miss durable cord folded in half. It will trap a loop on one end and two ends of the cord with the other. Zoom in to the snake with a pipe in hand and try to throw the noose on the neck of the snake. When you succeed, pull the cord below the loop tightly clasped the neck of the reptile. This method allows to deal with the snake alone, but only in the presence of a certain skill.
Take in hands a long stick. Diverting the attention of the snake on this subject, try to grab her tail. If you did, don't forget to keep the reptile at arm's length away. Again, this method is suitable only if you are 100 % sure that the snake is not poisonous.