Before you contact the police, collect all possible evidence that you are threatened. But first, consider whether threats are empty. So, if you have a large sum of money and the criminals have the documents confirming it, it is better to find the funds and buy out them. If this is not possible, invite them to meet in court, and their threats of physical violence or other record on tape or on a special device incorporated in a landline phone (like answering machine).
If you receive letters threatening content by mail or e-mail, save them. Record all telephone conversations with those who may periodically call you with bad intentions. If you have caused minor injuries, will contact the medical institution and fix them.
Try to resolve the situation to leave the house unless accompanied by friends or relatives, and if not, do not go, at least, deserted streets and parks and don't come back too late. Will buy in any case a tool for psychological protection (Mace, stun gun, air gun) and register it.
If someone threatens you, call you for a meeting, be sure to come only with the witnesses in advance with the support of relatives or trusted friends. The offer to meet in private, give up or ask family to be in the offing and, if possible, to remove this on video. Of course, you can refer to the proposal and a private detective, but this will require considerable resources.
Only when you have collected all possible evidence that you are threatened, contact the police. Statement you can make in the Department under the dictation of the duty or independently. Write in the upper right corner of the sheet, on whose name you are applying (for example, in a call center or the chief of police of your area, indicating his full name). Specify your name, date of birth, address and phone number.
Write on the middle of the page the word "statement" (with a lowercase letter), then put the point. Describe in free form the crux of the matter, trying to write short clear sentences and describe only the facts. Avoid the words "maybe" "I guess", "in my opinion", etc. If you are aware of criminals, include their name and place of residence. Specify where were the witnesses during of how you were threatened and what they can give is important for the investigation of the case evidence. Give name and address of witnesses. If you have collected the written, photo, video or audio materials, please attach copies of the statement and the end of his list apps.
Verify that the duty recorded on your statement and gave you the appropriate help. If the criminal case on the fact of threats you will be refused, refer the complaint to inaction of the police to the Prosecutor.