You will need
  • - Internet;
  • keychain alarm.
Remember: the easiest way to find out the model of the alarm on a keychain is the use of specialized Internet sites where you can find pictures of trinkets from various signaling systems. For this you need search engine to score a combination of words, for example, "pictures of charms alarm", click "search". After that your attention will be presented the sites on which it will be possible to see the collections of their pictures, the number of which they are constantly replenished.
So if you find a photo of a keychain that will completely fit you, then you will be able to successfully identify. Some sites in addition to viewing pictures, you can also set search parameters and to produce immediately sorting them according to the following criteria: the presence of a display, LEDs and buttons.
Examine carefully the keychain alarm. If you do not have Internet access, look up the make and model on the case. They are usually written in small print. If you do not find the keychain any information, then look at its design features, because most manufacturers try to make their designs special and unique that will be unique to this brand. For example, if your keychain cover like marble, and he is not very big in size and very streamlined, most likely he alarm Pharaon. Company Mongoose very clearly engraved on them the image of a silhouette of a mongoose. Trinkets in the style of a tank turret produced by the firm Sirio Tank, and the Cobra is very similar to the swollen hood of a snake.
Resort to the help of the Internet after you have figured out the model of alarm cars. This is necessary in order to view all the necessary functions and modes that are inherent to signaling, and learn what actions you must take to put one or the other mode. The received information and model and the name of the system better to record in the service book of the car to ensure that in the future you wanted information about her.