Advice 1: How to disassemble the key FOB

Alarms – alarm system is indispensable to reduce the likelihood of car theft. During a long period of operation with the remote control alarm can have different problems. When the first signs of improper operation do not have to buy a new keychain or to carry in the old workshop to the experts, because minor problems can be fixed yourself, having examined carefully the keychain.
How to disassemble the key FOB
First of all inspect the keychain on all sides and remove particles of dust and dirt. Flip him to his back and find the panel a little rubber cover that protects the key FOB from minor injuries.
Carefully, trying not to catch anything extra and will not scratch the surface, remove it from the body. Behind her you will see a small screw holding the upper and lower part of the body. Unscrew the screws with a Phillips screwdriver and put it in a small container, that it inadvertently did not lose.
In that case, if instead of the plugs you see a small icon with special rings, Unscrew the screw that binds them, and neat movement, disconnect rings, and then disconnect icon.
Contact with the internal parts of the keychain carefully, since all connections and connectors are very fragile, they are easily damaged. After Troubleshooting fasten the two boards together, treating one of the side surfaces with adhesive.
Install the housing in its place and neat movement fasten the screw. Then attach the cover. If you ever took the keychain icon, first secure it in place, then attach the two rings and tighten them with a screw.
Check keychain alarm for proper operation. If the problem persists, try to disassemble the key FOB again or take it to a service where it will look and repair a qualified specialist.
So you had as little as possible to disassemble the FOB, follow the simple rules of operation, and then your keychain will last you much longer. Be sure to avoid getting water on the surface of the body and on the inside of the accessory and avoid contact with sunlight on the screen the remote control. If possible, do not wear a keychain with other keys, as they can scratch the screen surface.

Advice 2 : How to disassemble the FOB Sher Khan

One of the best security systems on the car are alarm Sherkhan. This system has two-way communication and is a computer designed using the CPU. As the processor acts as a small and handy keychain pager. Some owners for long life arise various problems with the thumb. To determine the extent of malfunction and to understand what there is a problem, the key FOB must be disassembled.
How to disassemble the FOB Sher Khan
You will need
  • - napkin;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - hotmelt.
Take a stick in hands and turn it over so that the back side was in front of you. Look on the stick a small rubber plug mounted in the device. It protects the body from various injuries.
Careful hand movement to remove it from your accessory. Immediately after this component you will see a small screw. Unscrew it with a regular Phillips screwdriver. Now the keychain is completely disassembled and you can see it "inside". On some other models instead of the plugs is a special icon with the small rings, which are fastened by screws. In this case, Unscrew it, disconnect the ring and remove the icon.
Carefully inspect the two boards inside. Sometimes to fix the problem, it is enough to solder them together. Be careful of them in circulation, as connections are very fragile.
Connect boards with each other and secure the result. To do this, handle the lateral surface melting. Apply it thin even layer and remove excess with a tissue.
With more severe damage will need to replace the quartz element. You can do this yourself, but best to contact competent professionals, who will fix the problems and answer all your questions.
At the end of the work with internal details keychain, carefully secure the housing in place, slowly insert the screw and fasten it back. Install the plug, carefully secure it, and check the keychain on his performance.
Useful advice
To with the thumb Sher Khan emerged as possible problems please contact with him as nicely. Don't leave it in the cold and not let him fall to direct sunlight, do not drop and make sure he doesn't touch the water. Consider wearing a FOB separate from other keys, as they are very badly scratched screen and case.

Advice 3 : How to disassemble the computer chair

If your computer chair is broken, and you decided to try to fix it yourself, then the first problem you may face is the order of its disassembly. To disassemble and repair the computer chair is not difficult if you know some of the nuances. The repair is quite possible to produce with their hands.
How to disassemble the computer chair
You will need
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • - rubber hammer;
  • - hammer;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - circle punch
Turn over the computer chair up Petrochem and remove the four screws connecting the chair seat mechanism with height adjustment - piastras. Remove the chair seat.
Disconnect the gas lift chairs parts from

As in the place of these parts are no threaded connections to bring down the piastre with gas lift, lightly tapping it with a hammer. For this kind of work is recommended to use a rubber mallet to avoid damage and not to bend the piastre. Note that if the chair was in operation for a long period of time, in order to detach these parts can require considerable effort.
Remove the base with gaslift

Inspect the gas lift. In the lower part there is a special retaining washer that instantly breaks when you hit it with a hammer. Therefore, in order to disconnect the crossbar from the gas lift necessary to use a special tool - ring punch. Put the d-pad computer chair between the two tables. Install the hole punch. Knock the gas lift from the cross with heavy hammer.
Remove the wheels of the chair. To pull them out of nests it is possible hands. If in the course of this operation the metal pin wheel left d-pad of the chair - remove it using pliers.
Inspect the d-pad. In its center there is a ring with five lugs, for fixing to plastic casing. Hook and fold the edge of the casing using a flat screwdriver. Slide the cover and lift it off the edge of a ledge. Swipe the same procedure for all 5 casings. Remove the knockout from the metal housing.
Your computer chair is disassembled.

Advice 4 : How to disassemble LCD monitor Samsung

Samsung LCD monitors are widely spread and are popular. Despite their reliability and simplicity, sometimes they still fail. Deciding to fix the monitor yourself, you are already at the first stage of repair is faced with the problem of disassembly of the monitor.
How to disassemble LCD monitor Samsung
The vast majority of cases, the malfunction LCD monitors, Samsung is associated with the failure of the capacitors of the power supply, they are easy to identify by the characteristic of usbtest. To replace them is a matter of minutes, but in order to get to the Board with the details, you first need to disassemble the monitor.
Disassembly of the monitor is quite simple and takes no more than ten minutes. Disconnect the power cord, put the monitor face down on something soft. With a screwdriver Unscrew the screws that secure the "leg" of the monitor. Remove it and set aside.
Look on the side surface of the housing of the monitor between the front and rear panels. Enter this junction of the screwdriver with a thin flat end and a slightly open panels. In the formed gap side insert the blade of the second screwdriver.
First, move the screwdriver further and again open the panel. At some point you will hear a loud sharp click – this will open the latch, which is connected to the panel. Moving the screwdriver around the perimeter, you will gradually discover all the latches and detach the front and the rear.
Screwdrivers work very carefully so as not to damage the monitor. Instead of a screwdriver you can use a flat piece of hard plastic, for example, a discount card. You can try to find a special tool, it is sold as a tool for opening the housings of cell phones is a small triangular plastic the petal. They work the best but it will do the discount card.
Enter map in the butt, and catch her corner of the front panel of the monitor. After he managed to create a gap between the panels and move the map around the perimeter until, until all the latches will not open.
Carefully remove the back cover of the monitor. On one side of the monitor you will see a protective metal plate, Unscrew the screws and remove it. Then disconnect the connectors going to the electronic Board of the wires, usually three of them – two on one side and one on the other. If the third wire is additionally fixed with tape, peel off it.
Open like a book, the unit's electronic components. Now remove the screws holding the charge, disconnect the connector. The fee is free, you can take it for inspection and repair.

Advice 5 : How to dismantle a wardrobe

Very often in connection with the rearrangement in the room, buying furniture or moving to a new place there is a need to move it. Out of the apartment wardrobe-coupe assembled practically impossible due to its large size. To disassemble it is not difficult, but to think about the subsequent assemblage to advance. Approach this process responsibly.
How to dismantle a wardrobe
Door you need to gently pull out. To do this, slightly lift them and remove from the guides, first bottom and then top. As soon as the first door-coupe will be charged, in the same way, clear second.
Pull out drawers, pull out shelf mounted on shelf support. In the presence of the crossbars, they should also be removed. Those shelves, which are screwed to the enclosure, using a screwdriver, Unscrew and take out.
Unscrew the rails. Do this carefully, as rough and sharp movements they can easily bend. After they are removed, go to the Cabinet case. Examine it and determine the method of attachment of the rear wall. If the wall rests on the screws, they need to turn. If using nails and staples, carefully remove them using a screwdriver or narrow chisel. Alternately Unscrew the top part, sidewalls and rear wall from the base. Screws, nails and staples left in the walls, be sure to remove and fold together, as they will be useful in the further Assembly of the enclosure.
The base flip the legs up. Each leg and Unscrew using the screwdriver. Put all the pieces together, so nothing to lose. Now a wardrobe-acompartment disassembled, and it can be easily moved to another location.
Special attention should be paid to doors with mirrors. In order not to accidentally break or scratch the mirrors, they are best to cover with a veil, and when transported to put in a box weave or a synthetic winterizer.
Useful advice
In order to make it easier to assemble the wardrobe again, all items numbered or sign them with a marker (example: "top", "rear wall"). This will allow not to get lost. All fasteners and small parts are best stored in a separate container.

Advice 6 : How to disassemble office chair

Almost all manufacturers of office chairs in the manufacture invest in a box Assembly instructions. However, it is often necessary disassembly of the chair. It should be noted that it is quite difficult.
How to disassemble office chair
For the work necessary to be reserved in advance with a hammer, chisel or metal tube that is circular in cross-section. The diameter of the tube should be about 40 millimeters.
First, set up a chair near the wall. Then stand with your feet on patrocle facing the chair and grip the armrests. Best of all, if you will attend the man who can insure at a possible fall. Swing chair in the sides for the armrests and slowly pull it up.
In the end, the chair should be separated from the gas lift. In this case, turn the star base gas lift and postukivanie down gently with a hammer around the edge of the gas lift. If this cannot be done with a hammer, use a chisel or metal tube. Remember - it is not recommended to touch the center of the gas lift. There is a mounting bracket, which is very sensitive to shocks.
Can also be another outcome of the events, it can separate the gas from the cross. He will remain in the rolling mechanism. Hold the chair so that gas lift was stuck down. Then try to shatter it with a hammer. You need to knock on the top step. Do this carefully so as not to damage the gas lift. He will slowly unravel and come out.
After the gas is separated, proceed to pulling the wheels. In rare cases when removing the wheels, and they pull with hands, the metal pin remains in the cross. To get it you can with the help of pliers. Return it to the place with a small hammer or manually. If necessary remove the rolling mechanism, Unscrew the four screws.
Before performing the disassembly of the office chair, it is recommended to consult with experts. Also please note - during self-disassembly you may lose the warranty.

Advice 7 : Why doesn't the alarm keychain

Any electronic device once breaks down, and the harder it is, the more wider the range of reasons that can be the cause of failure. Alarm keychain - just one of these devices.
Why doesn't the alarm keychain


You first need to verify the integrity of the alarm keychain. The reason for its failure may be mechanical damage of the case: a chance to sit forgotten in the back pocket key chain or just drop it on the asphalt - and that the device is already no signs of life.
Damage can appear by themselves as a result of prolonged operation of the key FOB from the strong pressing of the Board elements are able to deform. To detect such defects can only open the case of the device.


The key chain can refuse to work even when intact - often the cause are just exhausted their supply of energy batteries. To verify this guess is simple: on the surface of the keyring need to find a led indicator that notifies that the device is functional. If the indicator is not lit, then it is time to replace the batteries.
Even new batteries can quickly come into disrepair, if you bought them in the cold - low temperature significantly reduces the service life. It is better to buy them in the store and not from street stalls, and to give preference to well-known brands.

The synchronization fails

Refusing to work may be the result of out-of-sync the FOB and alarm system. To restore the correct settings, you need to find a way to get inside the car and get to the special button "Valet", and then re-sync the key FOB. The necessary procedures differ depending on the type of alarm they are all listed in the user manual of your anti-theft system.


The so-called hang-up key chain is also able to interfere with its work. To solve such problems it is necessary to repeatedly press a button to activate the alarm, the device returned to service.

Interference signal

It may happen that the problem lies not in the key FOB that you use, and the Parking spot. Leaving the car next to offices of major companies, banks or government agencies you run the risk of spending a lot of time waiting for the moment when the key FOB will work again. All because of a special device, which are used for important negotiations to exclude the possibility of them listening. These devices create noise that interfere with the anti-theft alarm to receive the signal from your keychain. To overcome such interference does not work, so we'll just have to wait for their disappearance.

Advice 8 : How to parse a sentence

Parsing sentences is characteristics on various parameters. To perform this type of analysis there is a simple algorithm that will help to describe the offer.
How to parse a sentence

Parsing simple sentences

1. To determine the proposals for the purpose of communication. It can be declarative, interrogative or motive.
Today we go for a walk.— this is a declarative sentence.
We're going out tonight? — interrogative.
Go for a walk today. — motivating.

2. To determine the type of sentence intonation: exclamation or newsletterno.
What a wonderful weather! — exclamation.
The weather was perfect. — newsletterno.

3. To determine the type of proposals number of grammatical basics. If one basis is a simple proposition, and if two or more — challenging.
My dog loves bread. is a simple sentence, as the grammatical basis of one (dog loves).
My dog loves bread, and the cat prefers the sausage. is a complex sentence because there are two grammatical framework (the dog loves the cat prefers).

4. To determine the proposals regarding the composition of the grammatical basis. If grammatical basis consists of subject and predicate, then this sentence is called simple, and if only the subject or only the verb — loving.
Came the warm summer evening. — offer a two-pronged;
Outside the window night was falling. — offer loving.
From one-piece of the proposals should also define their type. They can be:
definitely-personal (main part of the sentence — predicate expressed by a verb of the 1st or 2nd person). For example:
Like the sun (the verb "love" expressed by a verb of the 1st person, you can substitute the subject "I").
Come into the house (the verb "come" is expressed by the verb is 2nd person, you can substitute the subject "you").
indefinite-personal (main part of the sentence — predicate expressed by the verb is 3rd person plural.number). For example:
I did not answer (the verb "answered" is expressed by the verb is 3rd person plural.number, you can substitute the subject "they").
impersonal (the main part of the sentence — predicate and subject, it is impossible to frame even orally). For example:
It's getting late (it is impossible to frame any subject).
denominative (the main part of the sentence — only the subject). For example:
Night (the offer includes only the subject, predicate no).

5. To determine the proposal type by the presence of minor members. If they are — it's a common offer, if not uncommon.
The sun was shining (rare)
This morning the sun was shining especially bright (common).

6. To determine if the proposal is complicated, and if Yes — specify it. Sentences can be complicated homogeneous members, involved and verbal participle phrases, introductory words, cases, clarifying the sentence, etc. Eg:
Antoshka was walking down the street, humming a favourite tune (offer complicated participial turnover).
Pauline, give me the book (offer complicated treatment).

7. To determine a complete or incomplete sentence. Incomplete call for proposals which is omitted a necessary part of the sentence, but it can LEGO restore. For example:
Marina ran into the woods, but Olesya — home. In this example, a simple sentence is considered in complex. In the second part of the sentence is missing the verb "ran", but it can be easily restored.

8. To emphasize the sentence (subject, verb, definition, addition, circumstance) and to specify kacem parts of speech they are expressed.

9. Draw a diagram of the proposal.

Parsing complex sentences

Items 1-3 — see plan of analysis of simple sentences.

4. To use complex sentences. It can be complex (both parts of the proposal are equitable, are independent from each other, there is the coordinating conjunction "and", "but", "and", etc.), compound (one part of the sentence is subordinate to the other, the question is asked from the main part to subordinate clauses, subordinating conjunctions are: "why", "what", "when", "where", etc.), asyndetic (parts of the proposal are linked only by intonation, without the help of unions) or a complex syntactic structure (when a large offer there are different types of communication. For example, coordinating and asyndetic). For example:
On the street the noise the wind and the trees bend under his power (there is the coordinating conjunction "and" parts are not independent from each other, they can be interchanged. This compound sentence).
When I hear the sound of the running stream, I feel joy (there is a subordinating conjunction "so", the first subordinate and the second answers the question "when?" if you change some places, the meaning will change too: "when I feel joy, I hear the sound of running stream." This is a complex sentence).
Pass the winter, come summer (asyndetic sentence).
Play of the waves, the wind whistling, the mast bends and cracks (first and second sentences are connected by asyndetic connection, and the second and third coordinating. This proposal combines different types of communications means that it is a complex syntactic construction).

5. Each simple proposal to give a separate feature (see plan of analysis of simple sentences).

6. To emphasize the sentence (subject, verb, definition, addition, circumstance) and to specify what parts of speech they are expressed. Parentheses define the boundaries of simple sentences.

7. Draw a diagram of the proposal.
Is the advice useful?