You will need
  • - working key FOB;
  • - new key chain;
  • car.
Follow the IOS keychain alarm. For starters get new similar key chain if the old one is lost or broken. You need to determine the type of your keychain, to buy need. They are of two types: supplied to the us market, their signal transmission frequency is 308 MHz; supply for the rest of the world - their transmission frequency 434 MHz.
To find out, open the old keychain. To do this, divide it using a thin screwdriver into two halves. Inside on the circuit Board, locate the shiny metal rectangle - it is a crystal oscillator. It will figure 308 or 434.
Proceed to the firmware of the second keychain alarm. To do this, take a flashlight, lay on the threshold of machine something, not to get dirty. Further podlesice under the steering column, look in the foot compartment, to the left. There are the following elements: a fuse block, clutch pedal, lever hood open.
To reprogram the alarm key FOB, find the switch located in front of the safety block. It has the inscription "Set" (Set) and Disable (Off). If this switch is not used, then it can be factory film - delete it.
Switch on the safety switch unit to the position "Set" (Set). Press any button on first FOB, then any on the second FOB. Move the switch to position "Off" (Off). After that, your keychain will be made to the system.
Consider the following points when communicating with the service center that you take your car for repair. After returning your car make sure to do the health check of the second keychain that you never gave car for repair. If you only have one key FOB, just in case prepopulate it. In this case, the system alarm will be effective.